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Input urgently requested.

From: Chuck Letourneau <cpl@starlingweb.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 09:37:59 -0400
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Regular viewers of this list may have noticed a recent increase in
activity.  We are now on a fast track to produce some results for the W3C
and the WAI.  In the midst of all this work, we have encountered a number
of issues of great importance that cross working group boundaries.  Both
the User Agent Guidelines and Authoring Tool Guidelines Working Groups have
outstanding issues that depend heavily on the Page Author Guidelines
Working Group coming to some consensus.  Other groups such as Protocols and
Formats, Evaluation and Repair, and Education and Outreach will also
benefit from these results.  

At a Coordination Group teleconference yesterday it was decided that the
chairs of the concerned working groups would meet again this Friday to try
and resolve these issues.

Following this message will be three messages to start the threads of
concern.  As working group members in good standing, I hope you will see
fit to join in these discussions.  

Chuck Letourneau
Co-Chair, Page Author Guidelines WG
Received on Wednesday, 29 July 1998 09:37:05 UTC

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