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RE: WAI Guidelines Naming

From: Judy Brewer <JBrewer@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 10:19:02 -0500
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JG: I like the naming in general for WAI Accessibility Guidelines.  But could
>there be something different for Master Reference Guidelines.  Is there a
>name that reflects that this set deals with the fundamental issues and the
>interactions between the other guidelines?
>For example: Issues and Strategies for WWW Technology Accessibility

GV: How about "Central Reference Document"

JB: WAI Accessibility Guidelines: Central Reference


JW: At the risk of further complicating the nomenclature debate, I would like
to suggest "user interface guidelines" instead of either "user agent" or
"client software" guidelines. This title at least emphasises the nature of
the subject matter. Specific issues relevant to the user interface of
HTML editing software and similar products would be treated in the
authoring tool guidelines, however. The user interface guidelines
themselves would still provide basic parameters, but concentrate more on
client software, including both user agents and assistive technologies.
Perhaps a compromised title such as "WAI client software user interface
guidelines" would be best.

JB: This limits the scope of those guidelines to user interface only.
According to the charter for the group, at
http://www.w3.org/WAI/UI/charter.txt this working group is also looking at
issues of compatibility between browsers & assistive technology; also an
element of the browser guidelines needs to be guidance that the
accessibility improvements in the technology (HTML, CSS etc) are fully
implemented.  So, I think that takes us back to: 
WAI Accessibility Guidelines: Browsers


> >>  WAI Accessibility Guidelines: Browsers
> Actually, "User Agents" is very clear, and probably no more unknown than
> "Hosting."  Other reactions?

DD: I like Al's "Client Software"

JB: Not as clear or familiar to many as "Browsers"


> >>  WAI Accessibility Guidelines: Page Authoring
> >PJ:: I really like the 'old EXISTING' title of MARKUP guidelines.  MARKUP
> doesn't steer one to think of only pages, nor only authoring them, nor does
> it sound like 'authoring tools' - which might be confusing later on. MARKUP
> talks about the HTML source, whether authored by an individual using an
> editor, or an authoring tools, or generated on the fly from pieces of
> stuff, or style markup, or issues for whole sites (not just page).  Maybe I
> missed the rational for changing, but I like MARKUP best.  : Markup.
> WAI-MARKUP code name is fine.
JB: Markup was confusing to a # of people, we kept getting questions.

DD:: I agree with the remark that says that these guidelines are
really for people that *knows* about the Markup, not just people
authoring pages with a nice GUI tool. So I prefer Markup too.

JB: I think it's important that particularly these guidelines have the
broadest appeal possible, especially since more and more people *are*
authoring pages with various authoring tools.  If these guidelines are only
for people who really know technical mark-up in depth, then we've missed
part of our task.  But I think they're for both, so I'm still rooting for
Page Authoring.

- Judy
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