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Internet payment method via phone bill

From: GoinDirect <sales@goindirect.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:35:08 +0300
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I M P O R T E N T to the owner/manager of the site

This email contains information about a NEW and UNIQUE


I N T E R N E T   P A Y M E N T   M E T H O D   V I A   P H O N E   B I L L 


Less then 1% (one-percent) of your hits makes you money.
With GO IN DIRECT payment method, you will have the chance to reach part of 99%
(Ninety-nine percent) potential customers in your site that willing to purchase your ervices 
But don't want to use credit card's etc......

How it's works ?
Visitors in your site can chose GO IN DIRECT as a payment method. Then they will 
Download small software (108k) that will connect them through a long distance call directly to your site.
They will be charged on their regular telephone bill and GO IN DIRECT will remunerate you 
for each minute the client is spending in your site.

How do I receive the money?
You will receive money for each "long distance minute" that gets into your site. 
your profit from each minute depends on the originated country.
You will be able to check your statistics and the amount of calls and minutes on line.
at the end of the month you will receive a monthly report and the money will be transferred to your account.
Is it that simple?      Yes!


For information how to get GO IN DIRECT services license please contact sales@goindirect.com

TEL:+972-3-578-5791  FAX:+972-3-578-5792


We have a great business opportunity for you. 
We are a Service Bureau  operate in the International and Domestic audiotex business from 1990,
 with 8 termination points worldwide (Canada, Moldova, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Panama, 
Venezuela, Russia and Grenada) that supply the best solution to all countries. 
Our two main contact office are in: 
Toronto Canada and Israel. 
We are specialized in the more than 30 markets. We have developed in-house special and unique
programs (Adult and Non adult services, interactive dating and friendship line, recorded stories, live chat
and Live One one One in 15 languages including 2 shot for japanese ). In our Toronto office we have a
big call center with many experienced japanese operators. Our programs reach an average hold time of
no less then 8 minutes per call. 
We can provide all kind of services: Astrology, Horoscope, Quiz, Trivia, competition, Fax on demand
and business application. We can digitize and download on our system all audio or data that you need. 
How it works ? 
We will assign you international numbers, you will market and advertise them in the media. You can
also put the numbers in your site and offer your surfers an additional service. 
You will receive via Email a daily statistics of you numbers, call minutes and duration for each number. 
At the end of the month you will receive a monthly statement for your numbers. 
Now we can offer you a direct contract with our company that promise you the best rates and service
since you are dealing directly with the service Bureau  with out contact person on the way. 
Payment is done in US$ in 30 days from the end of the month. The payment is done in international 
transfer directly to your bank account any place on the world. 
If you want the best rates and services, reliable and guaranty payment. Please replay and will supply
you all information needed, test numbers and rates. 

Looking forward to hear from you. 
Kind Regards 
Kfir Chervinski 
Tel  : + 972-3-578-579-1 
Fax : + 972-3-578-579-2 
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