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Re: images, bullets, and style sheets rewording

From: nir dagan <dagan@upf.es>
Date: Thu May 14 14:41:59 1998
Message-Id: <199805141834.UAA12834@sahara.upf.es>
To: chisholm@trace.wisc.edu
Cc: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
I have a problems with the first example 2:

 Example 2:  (Deprecated)
 <STYLE ...><!-- UL { list-style: none }--></STYLE>
 <LI><IMG src="star.gif" alt="Item:">Audrey</LI>
 <LI><IMG src="star.gif" alt="Item:">Laurie</LI>
 <LI> ... </LI>

Browsers that do not support stylesheets will show both the 
browser generated bullet and the image.

The second example 2 that uses DL and DD is better.

It could be that from an educational point of view it should be 
ommitted as well. An alternative may be to say that inserting 
graphical bullets by using IMG is discouraged as it involves 
misusing markup, and thus rendering will be 
generally suboptimal. However if authors choose to do so
they should write the alt text "Item:". 

That is, saying the same as thing, but without an example. 
The example may encourage authors to misuse HTML elements.

Also, I would change the sentence:

"Avoid lists where bullets provide additional 
information. However, if used,..."

to "When bullets provide additional information..."

If one uses graphical bullets that are all identical, it is 
just because they are "neat". Using different information carrying
bullets may increase usability. I wouldn't discourage this practice,
but indeed encourage supplying addition distinction.

The example using CSS with a "distinctive bullet" is very good,
To make it even better use a _unique_ class "new" rather than two 
classes. The current classes mix content with presentation.
Something like:

SPAN.new {whatever...}
UL LI.new {list-style: url....}


Nir Dagan
Received on Thursday, 14 May 1998 14:41:59 UTC

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