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Re: Radio buttons and labels (Bobby hates me)

From: Josh Krieger <jkrieger@cast.org>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 10:06:00 -0400
Message-ID: <35321BC8.D96DCB9@cast.org>
To: Liam Quinn <liam@htmlhelp.com>
CC: Dan Wendling <wendling@mindspring.com>, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org, w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
I'm crossposting this to wai-gl cause it seems relevant.

It's not clear to me that the radio button INPUT element needs to be
nested within a LABEL. Suppose for, example, the label, and the radio
button were in two separate columns of a table. I think the correct
labelling of a radio button would be:

<INPUT TYPE="radio" name="foo" value="backfile" ID="rb1" checked>

and then someplace else, but usually right after or right before,

<LABEL FOR="rb1">Current research</LABEL>

Josh Krieger

Liam Quinn wrote:
> At 03:17 PM 12/04/98, Dan Wendling wrote:
> >Bobby says:
> >
> >1.A LABEL must be associated with the INPUT control.
> >     CHECKED>Current research.
> >
> >I can't find a good accessible example of a correct implementation.
> VALUE="BACKFILE" CHECKED>Current research.</LABEL>
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