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RE: Updating guidelines in accordance with HTML 4.0 recommendation

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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:49:23 -0600
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It would probably be a good idea though, to link the references to the TAGs 
in the guidelines back to the discussion of the TAGs in the HTML 4.0 spec.

That kind of linking is pretty straightforward.

Now that I said that a thought occurs to me.
    We will be putting links in the guidelines to more detailed discussions 
of the access issues (either in master doc or the resource web site.  If we 
link all the html 4.0 references to the html4.0 spec,  it will be harder to 
tell whether a link in the  guidelines is to more info on access or just 
info on the HTML 4.0.

There could be a *lot* of links!


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A quick clarification regarding terminology and this thread:

There are three related documents containing varying levels of detail:

The Master document (which is the giant reference guide) does follow the
format of the HTML 4.0 specification.

The Page Author Check List and the Page Author Guidelines are designed to
be "more friendly" and as such, do not necessarily follow the structure of
either the Master document or the HTML 4.0 spec.

I think the issue of how or if the Checklists, Guidelines and Master
Document can be linked to the HTML 4.0 specification is a matter for either
the Interest Group or the Coordination Group (or both) at the moment.

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