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New Version of AccVerify SE For FrontPage Released

From: Robert B. Yonaitis <ryonaitis@hisoftware.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 18:50:49 -0500
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Hello All,

Just wanted to let everyone on list know that the NO CHARGE AccVerify SE
2002 (R5) Plug-In for Microsoft FrontPage has been released. And can be
downloaded at: 


More Information regarding the AccVerify Line of Products for Microsoft

* Special Note: Thanks to all who participated in the beta

- Features
Accessibility & Usability
Organizations understand the importance of accessibility testing and the
value of verifying that web sites are accessible by all.  AccVerify SE
for FrontPage puts Accessibility Verification into the hands of all
FrontPage Developers.
- Feature new in this version - Release 5
* Site Quality Reports - User Experience
The HiSoftware Site Quality Reports allows AccVerify users to validate
content specific site quality factors that can attribute to poor
functionality of a site and/or poor user experience if not corrected. 

* Site Quality - Bad, Missing or Error Generating Links
Validate for: Broken/Invalid Links, Missing Pages, Server Errors by
Link/Page, Errors to linked Multimedia, Errors to Linked Download Files,
Specific Errors to any file other then HTML. 
* Searchability - The HiSoftware Searchability Report allows AccVerify
users to validate content for proper quality as related to
searchability, based on practical and accepted indexing guidelines.
Indexed Internet, extranet, intranet or any other location of content
determines content relevance when requested by a search mechanism. 
* Alt Text Quality - The HiSoftware Web Site Quality/Alt Text Quality
Report allows AccVerify or AccMonitor users to validate content for
proper quality as related to valid alternative text for images based on
best practices. These checkpoints are based on practical and accepted

Custom CheckPoint / Test Suite Editor:
For more details - http://www.hisoftware.com/customchks/index.html

This Special Edition is far from limited, check out the comparison

More Detailed features by version:

Best Regards,

Rob Yonaitis
HiSoftware - http://www.hisoftware.com/co/yonaitis.htm
Assuring Content Quality to Maximize Business Results

AccVerify Release 5 - Accessibility, Searchability, Privacy Policy,
Intellectual Property, Usability, Metadata, Custom Content
Quality/Integrity Validation:
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