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Beta Testers needed for AccVerify/AccMonitor Release 5

From: Robert B. Yonaitis <ryonaitis@hisoftware.com>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 20:33:57 -0500
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Cc: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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Hello All,

Public Beta Notice - this beta will be available freely to anyone
wishing to participate with no special agreements required. As always,
thank you for your support.

A Brief look at the new and enhanced features in AccVerify/AccMonitor
Release 5:

1. Custom Reporting & Custom Checkpoints
The new custom Checkpoint editor will be available and custom report
designer will be available in the beta. With this users will be able to
define specific accessibility, usability, searchability, and other
quality validation checks allowing for validation of corporate policy
etc. This is designed to provide extensibility of our current validation
system to match any specific need not covered by a publicly available
standard or guideline.

- Basics
The following root level constructs are available: 

Find Text and Evaluate - Search for a specific string in text or text
stream and evaluate pass, fail, warn or note action based on result

Conditional Find Text and Evaluate - Search for a specific string in
text or text stream and evaluate pass, fail, warn or note action based
on result or a secondary related or optional text string and evaluate
pass, fail, warn or note action based on result

Visual Checkpoints - Visual Checkpoints can be defined and Integrated
into the Custom Report Interface and then tracked for audit trail and
integrated with workflow.

Element Validation and Evaluate - search for element for each element
found determine validity according to defined rules for your policy.

Some Preview Screen Shots for custom checks are available at:
These are screen shots of the new custom check builder and report
definition builder. Page should take around 3 Minutes to load with 28.8
modem... (These are visual screen shots only. Anyone wanting text
descriptions please mail me off list.) 

Validation result data is of course available in: Database, EARL, and as
Part of our XML Data Store that was introduced in 4.9. The New
Checkpoints and Processors are also available via our Web based testing

- The beta will ship with a full set of predefined custom reports and
custom checkpoints to demonstrate the use of the new feature.

2. Additionally in 5.0 we are incorporating our Statistics Server and
Clients... This new usage analysis module will allow you to view
integrated QA Issues from the perspective of most important errors to
correct based on amount of traffic that a page receives (basically
exposure). This will be most helpful to QA Teams/Developers who are
trying to determine what their remediation/correction strategy should
be. This stats tool (Hi-Stats)is not new it is has been on the market
for two Years and has received many awards, including but not limited to
the PC Magazines Editors Pick 4 Star Award, and a ZDNet 5 Star Editors
Pick Award. The Beta for the stats Functionality will simply expire on
December 15th besides that there are no limitations.

3. 5.0 provides a multi-user/team development task management feature
that will assist organizations in managing quality related tasks. Our
client and server solutions will not only report on errors but will
track and report on what corrections are made and the time required to
make the corrections, as well as integrate these requirements with the
AccRepair, TagGen, and Hi-Caption Software.

There is more coming in 5.0, I simply wanted to give a brief list and
for those interested in participating in the beta, you will get a full
list and instructions when the beta starts. 

NOTE: This new Release will not interfere with users of previous
versions of our software.

NOTE: Our API's will fully support the new features in the beta, so
those with integrations can try out the new features also. Developers
can write their support contact to get preview documentation for this
beta and preview SDK documentation.

Note: The beta is scheduled to go out on: November 15th, and it will run
for 30 Days (Planned....)

Note: The Beta will work with our Microsoft Content Management Server
Integration, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Integration and all of
our Mercury Interactive Integrations including Freshwater Software's
SiteScope where new monitors will be delivered for Searchability,
Privacy, and General Quality. The SDK will also include new source code
(Java) that will allow you to easily create custom monitors for our
Integrations that are available for Mercury Interactive Topaz SiteScope

Please respond to me off list if you want to participate in the beta.

Rob Yonaitis
HiSoftware - http://www.hisoftware.com/

HiSoftware wins the 2002 da Vinci Award...   
Category: "Electronics & Information Technology."
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