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Re: Techniques for repairing missing alt text?

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 19:16:48 -0400 (EDT)
To: "Ian B. Jacobs" <ij@w3.org>
cc: <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>, <w3c-wai-er-ig@w3.org>
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Searching the Web for metadata which provides description is a technique.

There are several ways to do this.

Dublin Core description information can be held inside an image - for example
SVG allows for metadata elements to contain it (along with title and desc
elements that could be used to extract information). The JPEG, PNG and GIF
formats can also be used to store such information - see the W3C Note
"Describing and Retrieving Photos using RDF and HTTP" -

It can also be held externally. Work along these lines includes Annotea -
http://www.w3.org/2001/Annotea, as well as work done by Jim Ley, RDFWeb, and
others. The results of the image annotation workshop held in bristol last
month will soon be published, and can be expected to provide further leads
and links.

Information may also be available as a result of content negotiation. Some
resources may have various formats available, including textual and graphic

Finally it may be possible or useful to constuct a cache of images used and
alternatives provided. Although this is not present in any brtowser I know
of, it is possible in authoring tools, including wysiwyg authoring tools that
can be used as browsers and offer a lot of navigation and similar features
that make them potentially highly accessible to some people.



On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:

>Hello UA and ER WGs,
>I'm looking for a pointer to techniques for repairing
>missing alt text in HTML. I thought we had such techs in
>the UAAG 1.0 Techniques document, but I can't find them.
>Any recommended algorithms we can point to?
>The Techniques Document does already include
>a reference to the Altifier [1].
>Thanks for any tips,
>  _ Ian
>[1] http://www.vorburger.ch/projects/alt/

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