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Next telecon - Monday, 15 October 2001

From: Wendy A Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 20:43:00 -0400
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To: w3c-wai-er-ig@w3.org
Cc: chas@munat.com
Our next teleconference will be held Monday, 15 October 2001 at the 
regularly scheduled time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time (14:00 UTC/GMT).  To find 
out what time it is in your time zone use the Time Zone Converter [1].

It will take place on the MIT bridge: +1 617.258.7910

Agenda for Monday:

- EARL 1.0?
Sean has suggested that we move to 1.0 and in doing so, change the 
structure of the assertions a bit and expanding what we mean by 
testSubjects (e.g., identifying new resources by line number).

Charles responded that we ought to play with 0.95 further, while SBP was 
concerned about having people implement 0.95 then moving to 1.0.

Sean says, "I think that it was a mistake to specify the model and syntax 
in one recommendation, because it gets people thinking that the syntax 
specified therein is the only possible serialization, or (perhaps even 
worse) the best possible serialization. "  I'm assuming the recommendation 
you are referring to is RDF or are you referring to EARL?

- Timeline
I would like to have a complete end-to-end process demonstrable by CSUN for 
a session I hope to give (I'm submitting my proposal this week).  That 
gives us 5 months to get the pieces together - which seems 
reasonable!  Pieces that we need:
1. test files.
we already have a bunch from Josh and Chris and hopefully WCAG will be 
generating more, although since they are tied up in larger issues perhaps 
we ought to create more of them.
2. A tool that will collect results from a variety of evaluation tools
This will be the non-existent WART that Charles Munat has already agreed to 
work with me on.
3. A tool that will create a report from the results of WART.  Should be 
easy to create an XSLT to do this.

- Test specification languages
I sent a note this week about some of the languages I had found.  What do 
people think the next step should be?  This seems to be part of the 
end-to-end process...although the suite of test files could be used instead 
of test specifications...unless we want to wrap each test file in meta info 
about the test...

- Test suites
UAAG is meeting next week to discuss a test suite for UAAG conformance.  I 
will attend the meeting to promote use of EARL and likely volunteer us to 
work on a tool that will generate EARL to store results of tests.

- QA
The QA Activity is having their first F2F meeting Nov 12-13 in Brussels 
EARL is on the agenda.  Are there specific questions we would like raised 
or topics discussed?  The primer should be ready for that 
meeting.  <illustration>Wendy kicks self yet again to get action finished 
to work on primer</illustration>

Be well,

[1] http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

wendy a chisholm
world wide web consortium
web accessibility initiative
seattle, wa usa
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