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FW: Winners of ICAES 2001 International Access Engineering Awards Announced & WAVE

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Thanks, Katie.  PS the WAVE is now "back in business", so please pass the
word along to all those who were concerned because it was "broken"....and
we are still recruiting for "Len's position" (posting attached; plz feel
free to disseminate!).

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>Subject: Winners of ICAES 2001 International Access Engineering Awards
>My apology, in advance, for anyone receiving this post multiple times.
>Please circulate as widely as possible.
>The International Coalition of Access Engineers and Specialists Announces
>the Winners of their 2001 International Access Engineering Awards Program
>News Release:
>For further information:
>Steve Jacobs, Chairman
>2001 ICAES International Access
>    Engineering Awards Program
>Phone: (614) 777-0660
>TTY: (800) 855-2880
>E-mail: sjacobs2@columbus.rr.com
>July 26, 2001
>The International Coalition of Access Engineers and Specialists Announces
>the Winners of their 2001 International Access Engineering Awards Program
>Columbus, Ohio - The International Coalition of Access Engineers and
>Specialists (ICAES) today announced the winners of their 2001 International
>Access Engineering Awards Program. The purpose of the awards Program is to
>recognize significant innovative technical contributions to the access
>engineering profession. All entries were judged on innovation, creativity,
>scope-of-benefit to consumers and the universality of the product and/or
>service based on the adherence to universal design principles (if
>The recipient of ICAES' Lifetime Achievement Award:
>Dr. Leonard Kasday. Dr Kasday was a Universal Design Engineer at the
>Institute on Disabilities at Temple University. Dr. Kasday's work to
>the accessibility of the worldwide web for all individuals with
>is well known throughout the country and the world.  In Pennsylvania, Dr.
>Kasday was instrumental in the development of standards and policies
>governing the accessibility of all state web sites. His accessibility
>checker, the "WAVE" http://www.temple.edu/inst_disabilities/piat/wave/,
>is one of a select number of tools promoted by the government to assist web
>designers in improving accessibility.
>Winner of ICAES' Policy and Process Award:
>This award goes to companies that have made significant efforts to address
>accessibility for customers or employees with disabilities.
>The National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution for
>developing accessible prototype kiosks for an exhibition entitled, "The
>Disability Rights Movement" that debuted on the 10th anniversary of the
>Americans with Disability Act (ADA) of 1990.  Developing the kiosks was a
>collaborative team learning experience.  New user interface techniques,
>provided accessibility, were demonstrated with these prototypes.  The
>Smithsonian then presented the technical and organizational challenges that
>were achieved in the development of these kiosks and how these challenges
>may be similar to those yet to be discovered as the scientific knowledge
>about accessible user interface kiosk design matures.
>For more information please contact:
>Katherine Ott, PhD
>Curator Science, Medicine, and Society
>National Museum of American History
>Room 5030
>Washington, DC 20560-0627
>United States of America
>E-mail: ottk@nmah.si.edu
>Phone: (202) 357-3006
>URL: http://americanhistory.si.edu/disabilityrights/welcome.html
>Elizabeth Ziebarth
>Acting Director
>The Accessibility Program
>Smithsonian Institution
>Arts & Industries Building, Room 1239
>Washington, DC 20560-0426
>United States of America
>E-mail: ziebarth@ot.si.edu
>Phone: (202) 786-2942
>URL: http://www.si.edu/opa/accessibility/start.htm
>Winner of ICAES' Outreach and Communication Award:
>This award is for marketing, advertising, or other outreach efforts and
>could be received by companies or organizations for efforts to encourage
>of technology by people with disabilities, develop new products or
>communicate the concept of accessible design and disability in a positive
>innovative way.
>AbleTV.net for being the first global TV network for people with
>disabilities powered by accessibility, via the web. AbleTV's accessible
>solutions, which include open/close captioning and audio description, are
>built on universal design principles.  This enables them to reach broader
>market populations while still meeting the requirements for accessibility
>for people with disabilities. AbleTV's video streamed multimedia accessible
>broadcasts have helped consumers, business and the government.
>For more information please contact:
>Jeff Pledger, President
>AbleTV, Inc.
>22 Almanac Court
>Burtosnville, MD 20866
>United States of America
>E-mail: jpledger@abletv.net
>Phone: (301) 890-5944
>URL: http://www.abletv.net
>Winner of ICAES' Collaboration and Coordination Award:
>This award recognizes national, international or industry efforts to
>prevent, resolve, or address compatibility and interoperability.
>The Daisy Consortium, National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
>Open e-Book (OEB) Forum for their work in developing file specifications
>Digital Talking Books and e-Books.  New generation digital talking books
>based on the open standards being developed by the Daisy Consortium and
>provide significant advances in usability and functionality for persons
>print impairments. The Open eBook specification, a base format for
>mainstream electronic books, incorporates features to promote
>Members of the Daisy and NISO efforts are working hand in hand with members
>of the Open eBook Forum to build a future where the world of electronic
>books will be open to all.
>For more information please contact:
>Ingar Beckman Hirschfeldt, President
>Daisy Consortium
>Talboks- och punktskriftsbiblioteket, TPB
>(The Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille)
>SE-122 88 Enskede
>E-mail: ingar.beckman@tpb.se
>Phone: 46 8 39 93 50
>URL: http://www.daisy.org/
>Mr. Michael Moodie, Chair
>National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
>Standards Committee AQ
>National Library Service for the Blind
>and Physically Handicapped
>Library of Congress
>1291 Taylor Street, NW
>Washington, DC 20542
>United States of America
>E-mail: mmoo@loc.gov
>Phone: (202) 707-5108
>URL: http://www.niso.org/commitaq.html
>George Kerscher, Chairman
>Open e-Book Forum
>Senior Officer, Accessible Information
>Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D)
>20 Roszel Rd.
>Princeton, NJ 08540
>Voice: 406/549-4687
>Email: kerscher@montana.com
>URL: http://www.openebook.org/
>Winners of ICAES' Innovative Access Award:
>This award covers new, never before seen, products. It could include
>products that have incorporated significant access features,
>The Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency for starting a provisional
>video relay service for translation between sign language and spoken
>language through the telephone. The service offers an easy-to-use
>telecommunications link between deaf and hearing people providing a step
>closer to equal opportunities to communication for all.
>For more information please contact:
>Alf Tengström
>Swedish Telecom Agency
>(Post och Telestyrelsen)
>Box 5398
>SE-102 49 Stockholm
>Phone: +46 8 678 56 26
>Mobile: +46 708 561 830
>E-mail alf.tengstrom@pts.se
>URL: http://www.pts.se
>BT and Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) Typetalk for the
>launch of BT TextDirect, a revolutionary new service for textphone users.
>Believed to be the first service of its kind in the world, BT TextDirect
>will enable deaf, deafened, deafblind, hard of hearing and speech-impaired
>people using textphones to make direct dial calls.
>For more information please contact:
>Mick Day
>BT Age and Disability Unit
>Room M02
>Kingston TE
>101 Birkenhead Avenue
>KT2 6RX
>Email michael.j.day@bt.com
>Phone: +44 20 8546 1601
>URL: http://www.BT.com
>Lisa Watch
>Media Relations Officer
>19-23 Featherstone Street
>London EC1Y 8SL
>Email: mediarelations@rnid.org.uk
>Phone: + 44 207 296 8137
>URL: http://www.rnid.org/
>Digital Frog International for developing an accessible, multimedia, course
>entitled, "The Digital Field Trip to the Rain Forrest."
>Digital Frog's goal in designing "The Digital Field Trip to the Rain
>was to offer a barrier-free learning experience that can be used by anyone.
>As a result they created the most media-rich and accessible program
>available today. The Digital Field Trip to the Rain Forest is highly
>interactive, comprehensive, informative and fun for all ages. Everyone,
>regardless of ability, can use the program; it accommodates different
>learning styles and speeds, multiple intelligences, learning disabilities,
>as well as visual and motor skill problems. No special equipment is
>everything is included on the CD.
>For more information please contact:
>Celia Clark, President
>Digital Frog International
>Trillium Place
>7377 Calfass Rd. RR#2
>Puslinch, Ontario, N0B 2J0
>Phone: (519) 766-1097
>E-mail: celia@digitalfrog.com
>URL: http:/www.digitalfrog.com
>About ICAES
>The International Coalition of Access Engineers and Specialists (ICAES) is
>non-profit membership organization whose mission is to foster international
>cooperation and support for the design of products that are as accessible
>and usable by persons with disabilities, as economically possible, and
>technically feasible.  Achieving this mission will deliver better products,
>for all consumers, on a global basis.
>ICAES Objectives:
>* Advance the science of accessible, usable and useful product design in
>support of persons with disabilities;
>* Facilitate ongoing and international dialogs among disability, research,
>industry, government and public sector communities with regard to the
>accessibility and usability of technology;
>* Promote accessibility, usability, compatibility, and interoperability;
>* Facilitate the creation of an international body of knowledge for the
>design, development and deployment of accessible and usable technologies;
>* Provide an international forum and coordination point for discussions
>regarding accessibility and usability related issues, problems,
>developments, recommendations and solutions; and,
>* Encourage the development of techniques and standards, where appropriate
>For more information regarding ICAES please see: http://www.icaes.org or
>contact ICAES' Secretary, Jim Tobias at tobias@inclusive.com

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