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30 April 2001 ERT WG Minutes

From: Sean B. Palmer <sean@mysterylights.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 15:25:46 +0100
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30 April 2001 ERT WG minutes
Summary of action items, resolutions, and proposals
       Action SBP: Bug people about using EARL, or bug people
        about bugging people...

   WL - William Loughborough (promoted to Chair)
   SBP - Sean B. Palmer (minutes)

The Call
WL: Are we the only ones here?
SBP: Think so
WL: [Thinks that Len and Wendy can't make it for a while]
SBP: [Wonders if Daniel will make it]
WL: I was just on the DI call, discussing EARL to be used for DI. Good
SBP: Yes, for evaluating all sort of stuff. Even W3C specs?
WL: Yes, that's right
SBP: [Rants about using EARL for all sorts of WAI-ish evaluations]
SBP: So for example, PF could send an EARL block to the HTML WG, why
XHTML 2.0 doesn't comply to XML GL
Action: SBP resolves (implicitly) to take an action item to bug more
people about using EARL, or get someone else to do it for me
WL & SBP chat about the weather
WL: [Crusade 2001] was good, moving onto Amsterdam and then Paris
WL: [Mentions Symbols for Windows]
SBP: [gets cut off]

Meeting ajourned due to lack of interest and attendees at 3:11PM, BST.


Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
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