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Automatic Language Identification

From: Leonard R. Kasday <kasday@acm.org>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:40:50 -0400
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This is to to inform you of a patent that may be pertinent to w3c work, 
e.g. web accessibility evaluation tools.  The patent is

5,475,733  December 12, 1995
Language accommodated message relaying for hearing impaired callers

Eisdorfer; Jerry (Somerset, NJ); Kasday; Leonard R. (Moorestown, NJ); 
Schulz; David E. (Wheaton, IL)

It contains an algorithm for identifying the language of text in TTY 
transmissions.  This might be used e.g. to check if the LANG attribute 
should have been used in an HTML page, although that application is not 
mentioned in the patent (it was filed in 1994, before LANG was defined: cf 

This patent was originally assigned to AT&T.  It may have been transferred 
to Lucent.

Leonard R. Kasday, Ph.D.
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