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SPAN - Generic Inline Container

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   #[1]Start [2]Glossary [3]Copyright
The Web Design Group

                        SPAN - Generic Inline Container
   Syntax <SPAN>...</SPAN>
   Attribute Specifications
     * [4]common attributes
   Contents [5]Inline elements
   Contained in [6]Inline elements, [7]block-level elements
   The SPAN element is a generic inline container. SPAN carries no
   structural meaning itself, but it can be used to provide extra
   structure through its [8]LANG, [9]DIR, [10]CLASS, and [11]ID
   attributes. [12]Style sheets are often used to suggest a presentation
   for a given class or ID.
   SPAN should only be used where no other HTML [13]inline element
   provides a suitable meaning. If a presentation such as bold or italic
   text would be suitable on visual browsers, authors may prefer to use
   an appropriate [14]font style element. For example:
    1. <P><SPAN LANG=fr>La Révolution Tranquille</SPAN> shook Quebec in
       the early 1960's.
    2. <P><I LANG=fr>La Révolution Tranquille</I> shook Quebec in the
       early 1960's.
   These examples are identical in meaning, but the second example uses
   the [15]I element to suggest italic text.
   [16]DIV is a block-level equivalent of SPAN for containing
   [17]block-level elements such as [18]P and [19]TABLE.
More Information

     * [20]SPAN in W3C HTML 4.0 Recommendation
    Maintained by [21]Liam Quinn <[22]liam@htmlhelp.com>
   [23]Web Design Group ~ [24]HTML 4.0 Reference ~
   [25]Elements by Function ~ [26]Elements Alphabetically
   [27]Copyright © 1998 Liam Quinn. All rights reserved.


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