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Fwd: Integrating services like Bobby into your browser

From: Al Gilman <asgilman@iamdigex.net>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:30:10 -0500
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This is pretty much what I have been trying and failing to get Lynx to do
for quite a while now.  

The pattern would seem to be the user can indicate "access _this_ [the
currently focused] link through <user choice of> _that_ (gateway, proxy,
filter or other middleware).

This technique would seem to get more repair delivered to more (user X
page) problems than without it.


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>One of the problems with using accessibility services such as Bobby (or
>similar web-based HTML validators) is the hassle of having to enter Bobby's
>URL, or go to your bookmark, having first copied the page you want to check,
>and then paste it into the URL box.
>Something we've been looking at recently is integrating web-based services
>more closely with web browsers.  This can be done in Netscape by dragging
>links to Netscape's personal tool bar.  Rather than just add a static link,
>you can add a link to the underlying CGI script, and tell the script to
>process the current document.  So that when you're viewing a page, you can
>click on the link in the toolbar and a new window will be created with the
>output from the Bobby analysis.
>Examples are given at the URL:
>There are a number of issues to be considered for this type of interface.
>The main one is probably change control, if the underlying CGI program
>changes.  Also there needs to be comprehensive documentation on the
>allowable options.
>I'd be interested in comments on this suggestion.
>Would it be useful for CAST to host a page from which the links could be
>Brian Kelly
>PS This example works for Netscape.  I'm not sure if something similar can
>be done for Internet Explorer.
>Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus
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