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From: William Loughborough <love26@gorge.net>
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 07:46:30 -0700
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I took an action item to write a proposed introduction to the document
under discussion at the last teleconference. The document seems to be
unavailable but here's a crude try at a first draft:

*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*


The WAI has produced a foundation Recommendation, the WCAG, upon which
are based working drafts of what it is hoped will become further
Recommendations: one for User Agents; another for Authoring Tools.

These documents try to make clear the parameters essential to a Web that
enables "everything, everyone connected", especially Persons With

In order for an author or user of materials on the Web to determine if a
particular site is likely to be accesible to PWDs, it is important to
have some functional, friendly, and free tools for site evaluation and,
if possible, repair of problems that may be uncovered.

To this end we are developing guidelines for such Evaluation & Repair
Tools - sort of "Guidelines for the Guidelines." Although these are
meant to be used by those who would create tools, they may prove useful
to anyone interested in an accessible Web.

The most important aspect of any such tools is that they be themselves
accessible. Since many people trying to use them will be fairly new to
technological matters they should be pleasant to use, not condescending
in tone, and avoid the "cry wolf" syndrome. 

It is clear that only a limited set of the checkpoints may be
objectively tested by a tool. there will be much dependence on the
user's ability to use common sense to determine conformance to the
guidelines. To this end it is imperative that any tool have features
that assist in reminding, without nagging; in helping, without
demeaning; in suggesting, without demanding.

A fairly comprehensive listing of available tools may be found at:
http://www.w3.org/WAI/RC/existingtools.html which also links to other

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