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Outreach Update: Ultimate Library

From: Harvey Bingham <hbingham@acm.org>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 22:12:40 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: "WAI-EO WG" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>

Recently I received the impressive "Ultimate Library"
Over 10,000 Books Read to You Aloud! on four CD-Rom disks

I ordered my copy from Heartland America --
online order (800)229-2901 for $35.99

In the product I find:

"For additional support, please visit:"

I note there the price is: $59.95

Description of the Collection:

* over 10,000 complete, full length, unabridged books, reference materials,
    and poetry available to you
*  Works from over 3000 different authors and sources (actually 5024 authors)
* Conveniently organized within 550 different categories and subcategories
* Useful descriptions/excerpts give you a preview of any book before you 
open it
* 1,076 Illustrations, graphics, maps, and pictures embedded within some
     of the texts!
* full, built-in product documentation and help.


* Browser View: navigate like you do through your internet browser through the
   built-in interface -- easy and convenient for young and old.
* Tree/list view: pick your category form the left using an organized tree,
    then choose your books through a simple listing.
* Details view: see many details about a book at first glance.


*Search by author, title, description, or keyword!
* Find using exact words or similar words.
* Find using any search term/every term/or using exact phrases!
* Perform a quote search of up to 100 books at a time
* Narrow your search to specific categories, or search the entire collection
     [it didn't find "to be or not to be"]


* control the size of the text to make your reading easier
* Highlight important passages to you in any of four colors!
* Set of bookmarks by simply clicking on the side of the text and jump to
   them at any time in the future easily.
* Annotate any of your bookmarks with your notes
* Built-in dictionary: define any word with the click of a button
* Full printing capability
* Export to text for use with PDA's or pocket readers!

Text to Speech

* It will read to you aloud
* New speech synthesis engine
* Pronounces the text with all the punctuation and articulation of a human 
* Highlights each word as it reads it. Great for children or people new to the
   English language
* Choose between 4 different voices --2 male, 2 female
* You have full control over rate, volume, and voice quality
* Easy-to-use "speak", "pause", and "stop" buttons
* Listen to the whole document, or choose a section for it to read
* Click on one of the following links to download voice samples:
    Mary, Mike, Sam

Best Regards/Harvey Bingham
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