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Site accessibility analysis

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Dear EOWG,

Thought this post to WAI-IG was worth drawing to your attention wrt
'Evaluating or Accessibility'.

Has anyone on this group any direct experience with SSB's products

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To the list,

I just looked at the review for SSB's InSight and InFocus products and
it was pretty positive with respect to the products.  For example:

- According to CNET's bottom line, "SSB Technologies software products are
best in their class"

- "InSight does a fantastic job of easily locating files or entire Web

for review."

- "The user interface is excellent"

- "For the enterprise user looking for a quick fix that's plug-and-play
use, you can't buy similar products as thoughtful or as intuitive."

- "InSight 4.0 and InFocus 4.0 work together to provide the best solution

Section 508 compliance software"

- "One of this program's best features is the Spider, which can burrow
an entire Web site or down the directory of a large site segment.  This
timesaving feature can retrieve and diagnose an entire site at once--the
perfect solution for users who are retrofitting a massive number of

The only critical comments in the review seemed to relate to customer
though based on my experience, I can't complain.

Stephan Roche
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