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Industry policies

From: <Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 09:12:30 +1000
To: "Kathleen Anderson" <kathleen.anderson@po.state.ct.us>
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It wasn't meant as a prod, but just for clarity.

If you are going to start compiling these things then organising them by
Industry grouping (I suggest basing this around the International Standard
Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities <
http://esa.un.org/unsd/cr/family2.asp?Cl=2>  for international consistency,
maybe start with the first level (A-Q) and see what turns up before going
to the second level), rather than country. this approach will make the
polices & guidelines more transparent across countries by industry.

It will be interesting to see what turns up - which countries are most
active AND which industry groups are most advanced.


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Thanks for the clarification and the memory jog. I have started collecting
individual industry accessibility policies or statements, but nothing on a
larger, collective scale. I will start searching.

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> Kathleen,
> I actually did mean 'industry organisations' - refer to previous
> discussion re 'peak bodies' - see archives circa April 10.
> We could possibly expand to mention/include policies and guidelines that
> individual corporations/organisation may have. However, at this stage I
> would be reluctant to do so, prefering to keep it to national/regional
> 'consortiums' that have an agreed and shared approach to accessibility
> issues. Member companies/organisations would be expected to follow the
> agreed 'consortium' policy.
> Andrew
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> Andrew:
> In the "Avoid Legal Wrangles" section, you say: "an increasing number of
> industry organisations". Do you mean 'industry organisations', as in
> consortiums, or do you mean 'industries and organisations'?
> Kathleen
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