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Disability Categories. Need for Consistency Across WAI Documents. Provide FEEDBACK please........

From: Katie Haritos-Shea <ryladog@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 01:08:10 -0400
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The WAI needs to agree on what disabilities we are going to list, and under
which category.  I initially used the list from "How People With
Disabilities Use the Web", so we could link to the examples.  There has been
disagreement on categories here.  Across all WAI docs there is a large
discrepancy.....................please provide feedback, and perhaps pass
this onto those you know are most versed on this issue.  Please, send your
comments directly to mailto:wai-xtech@w3.org


Individuals With Disabilities........Was:

**Visual Disabilities
Blindness: Accountant
Low Vision:
Color Blindness: Shopper
**Hearing Disabilities
Deafness: Online Student
Hard of Hearing
**Physical Disabilities
Motor Disabilities: Reporter
**Speech Disabilities
**Cognitive and Neurological Disabilities
Dyslexia, or Dyscalculia: Classroom Student
Impairments of Intelligence: Clerk
Memory Impairments
Mental Health Disabilities
**Seizure Disorders
**Multiple Disabilities: Teenager
**Age Related Conditions: Retire

Individuals With Disabilities.......Now is:

**Visual Disabilities:
Blindness: Accountant
Low Vision
Color Blindness: Shopper
**Hearing Disabilities:
Deafness: Online Student
Hard of Hearing
**Physical Disabilities:
Neuro-muscular (Motor): Reporter
**Speech Disabilities
**Cognitive and Neurological Disabilities:
Impairments of Intelligence: Clerk
Memory Impairments
Mental Health Disabilities
**Learning Disabilities:
Dyslexia, or Dyscalculia: Classroom Student
**Seizure Disorders
**Multiple Disabilities: Teenager
Age Related Conditions: Retiree

Please refer to these WCAG minutes:
1. Moved Age Related under Multiple Bullet List
2. Added skeletal under Motor
3. Added Neuro-muscular to Motor
4. Controversy about Mental Health Disabilities being listed at all, I left
it for now.
5. <quote>
   GV: Mental health disabilities are different from the other categories.
Emotional disabilities (ED) not represented. How would you design a page
that would be accessible to someone with ED?
   KHS: Don't want to leave people out
   GV: But don't want to put people in if we're not doing anything for them.
{agreement to remove mental health disabilities from list}
6. <quote>
   GV: Blindness and low vision, Deafness and hard-of hearing, Physical,
Speech, Cognitive, Learning, Seizure, and Multiple are the categories
   KHS: If we do this, WCAG and "How people use the web" will look totally
   JW: Need good general categories that are relatively uncontroversial,
clarify in glossary.
7. Added the work "Techniques" to XML, etc.

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