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RE: Example of implementation plan: corporate - new version

From: Robert Neff <rneff@bbnow.net>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 12:11:47 -0500
To: "Carlos A Velasco" <Carlos.Velasco-Nunez@gmd.de>, "WAI EO List" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
hey carlos,

Seems i made sense on two of five comments.  that is pretty good for me and
am getting better <grin>.

1. good point on 'buy-in'. it is use frequently here in the united states
and not sure how this would translate.  the meaning is to obtain approval
from all departments in a good way before so you can move forward.  this is
something that you work toward and may have to barter ideas, schedules,
costs, or tasks to get everyone to agree.  some items may be lsot in the
process as you obtain concensus.  that may be a better phrase 'obtain

2.  a major part of implementation plan is identfying the resources and
stating who needs to be part of this.  another important part is to identify
the 'asumptions and risks' as well as the 'depencies and constraints'.
while it is true 'asumptions and risks' as well as the 'depencies and
constraints' would be in the business case, the implementation plan would be
read by another audience  (remember the business case is normally for
directors and executives, whereas the implementation plan is for their staff
as they are the ones doing the work).  hence i believe the plan's audience
would want to see resources in there.

cheers, rob
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