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New List on Disability Policy

From: by way of Al Gilman <kelly@RIPCO.COM>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 22:44:09 -0400
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The dpolicy list is sponsored by the DIMENET AND TRIPIL
organizations.  Both are active participants in the disability
rights and independent living movements.  To learn more visit
their home pages at:

    DIMENET WEB PAGES:  http://www.dimenet.com/dimenet
    TRIPIL WEB PAGES:   http://www.tripil.com

The list moderators are Jamal Mazrui (empower@smart.net) and
Kelly Pierce (kelly@ripco.com).

Dpolicy fills the void in providing list members the key source
documents and articles on emerging issues in the disability
community.  To that end, the list only exchanges documents, not
ideas or viewpoints.  There are many excellent lists to explore
in-depth a particular disability issue or concern.  to ensure
that only relevant material is mailed, the list is moderated
where only the moderators can post to the Disability Policy list
directly.  Subscribers are encouraged to share documents of
interest to the others on the list by sending them in plain text
format.  We distribute in plain text format because this is the
most universally accessible method, working with any word
processor, e-mail program or adaptive equipment.  Messages should
be sent to the posting address:


A moderator will review the submission for minimal compliance
with the list guidelines, make formatting changes for readability
if needed, and then generally let the post proceed for
distribution to the list.

If you are interested in being a co-moderator,  just write to
Kelly and Jamal.  Not only do moderators approve postings, they
also assist subscribers in joining and leaving the list as well
as establishing list policies and procedures.  We welcome
participation from a variety of people from the diverse
disability community.  Please introduce yourself to the
moderators and state that you understand the list guidelines.

All documents distributed through the list are also archived on
the World Wide Web at the address


The administrative address for the dpolicy list is


Anyone can subscribe to the Disability Policy list by sending a
message to mailto:majordomo@tripil.com containing the following
line in the body (the subject is irrelevant)

    subscribe dpolicy
To unsubscribe from the list, send a message containing the line

    unsubscribe dpolicy

As mentioned earlier, the list distributes full text copies of
speeches, articles, reports, legislation and more.  Sometimes
these documents can approach 100 kilobytes.  Occasionally a
document will be distributed that is larger.  Some e-mail systems
and mail handling software will not accept messages of a certain
size.  When this happens, the message is bounced back as
undeliverable.  Accounts that generate return message errors are
deleted from the list.  There are several solutions to those with
accounts with message size limitations.  Consider changing
providers.  For example, Juneau.com is a free Internet service
that has a 60 kilobyte limit on each message.  There are other
providers that have no such limitation and also offer free dial
up accounts.  Another option is to regularly check the World Wide

Web archive.  All messages are posted to the archive as soon as
they are sent to list subscribers.  Archiving is chronological
and in posting order.

Please spread the word about dpolicy and take informed actions on
the local, regional, national, and global levels to improve
public policy affecting people with disabilities!

Jamal Mazrui mailto:empower@smart.net
Kelly Pierce mailto:kelly@ripco.com
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