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Re: Request for review of accessibility note

From: Warner ten Kate <tenkate@natlab.research.philips.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 15:54:36 +0200
Message-Id: <37B02F1B.E7B0032D@natlab.research.philips.com>
To: Philipp Hoschka <ph@w3.org>
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> I have received a request from the Accessibility domain for the SYMM
> WG to review a future W3C note describing the accessibility features
> of SMIL 1.0.
> http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/NOTE-smil-access-19990726

Here my 2 cts.

This document adds considerably to the usage of SMIL.
Explaining/illustrating by way of examples I found helpful. 
Can we refer to it from the SMIL Boston document ?
For example, the explanation on alt, longdesc, etc. 
in section 2.1 places all these attributes together,
showing their relationships and usages.

In sec. 2 I was wondering about the wording "stream".
The opposite of a discrete media is a continuous media.
A continous media is streamed to the renderer. Later
in the document "stream" is used in that rendition/presentation 
sense, so I am not sure whether and how to change 
the text in sec. 2.

sec.2.2.1., the note.
Can CSS authors also use the @media mechanism,
e.g. adding a hearing-impaired rule set ?
[Maybe this is an application of timesheets:
a different "timing style" to another choice 
of media.]
[In SMIL different <layout> could have been declared, 
if <layout> was supporting system-attributes.]

Should the example be extended with a root-layout element ?

   <root-layout top="20" left="20"/>
   <region ..

The body section I would author as

    <video region="video" system-captions="off" .../>
    <par system-captions="on">
      <video region="capvideo" .../>
      <textstream region="captext" .../>

The 2nd example contains illegal SMIL.
SMIL doesn't support inline text; the text 
in the <par> should be referenced through 
a <text> element.

Is it special for (time-dependent) links to require 
a kind of ToC listing of them ?
Isn't it sufficient to require control on the presentation 
rate of the overall presentation ?

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