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Danish Governmental publications on accessibility and the Internet

From: Helle Bjarnø <hbj@visinfo.dk>
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Now I've collected some of the links to Danish governmental publications,
recommendations  etc.
I've given You the link to the English version when available. For the last
two publications I've made a short comment in English, as there are no
English summaries available.

Action for Change
IT Policy Plan 97/98

Have we secured the rights of the individual in the information society? Are
employees acquiring the necessary skills quickly enough? What does it take
to open the public sector and revitalize the interaction of citizens and
government? Does our society possess the necessary security solutions?
The IT Policy Action Plan '97/'98 outlines the initiatives the
administration wants to focus on in central concerns. The action plan
follows up the Research Minister's review, "Authorities Heading for a Fall,"
published in the spring of 1997.

Freedom to Choose
Action Plan for IT Use by People with Disabilities

 The Danish info-society must be open to everyone - including people with
"Freedom to Choose - Action Plan for IT use by People with Disabilities"
follows up the Government's IT Policy Action Plan 1995. This action plan
emphasizes the need for a purposeful effort to make the info-society
accessible to people with disabilities.
Information technology can be a powerful aid to the increased integration on
people with disabilities into society. It is all a matter of choosing
technologies which can be used by the greatest number and which do not
exclude the disabled user.

Statens standard for elektronisk publicering


Summary in English
The Danish Government will as of 1997 be releasing their publications on the
Internet in parallel with the printed versions. The Internet publications
will in technical terms be broadly accessible and searchable, along with
being uniform and future-proofed. The Danish Ministry of Research and
Information Technology has thus worked out this standard for their
formatting. The standard contains a series of technical requirements and
recommendations, and it takes into account those particular needs which the
visually-impaired have with respect to electronic documents. The standard
also contains advice and guidelines on how to organize the work process.
Technically, the standard is based on the official HTML 3.2 specifications.
This publication is not available in English.

This publication is under revision and the new edition will be published in
August  (hopefully)

Rapport fra Arbejdsgruppen om tilgængelighed og grafiske brugergrænseflader
12. februar 1998 Center for Tilgængelighed

No English summary available.
Report from a Working group on accessibility and graphical user interfaces
under the Ministry of Research and Information Technology.  Published by the
Centre for Accessibility.  February 12, 1998.

Offentlige hjemmesiders tilgængelighed.
En undersøgelse af 144 offentlige hjemmesiders tilgængelighed for
handicappede. Udarbejdet af Center for Ligebehandling af handicappede.
December 1998.

No English summary available.
"The Accessibility of governmental homepages" By the Equal Opportunities
Centre for Disabled Persons. December 1998.
The report presents the results of a test of 144 governmental (state and
local government) websites  for accessibility. The tests were made with
Bobby during the summer of 1998. None of the sites past the test. A few
sites got more than 90 pct. of the underlying html pages approved.
The responses to the report were very positive and many site owners have
promised to make improvements during the last year. The Centre has planned a
new round of Bobby tests by the end of this year to see if the accessibility
has improved on the old sites and if new sites are accessible.

Kind regards
Helle Bjarno
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