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RE: Writing ATAG Tests - Update

From: Boland Jr, Frederick E. <frederick.boland@nist.gov>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 10:59:42 -0400
To: Jeanne Spellman <jeanne@w3.org>
CC: "w3c-wai-au@w3.org" <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
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Thanks for doing this - I'm being put on another project full-time applying WCAG2.0 level A evaluation criteria to electronic patient records (in support of healthcare IT), so my time for writing ATAG2.0 tests will be more limited, but I'll try to write some if I can..

Thanks and best wishes
Tim Boland NIST 

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From: Jeanne Spellman [mailto:jeanne@w3.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 11:22 AM
Subject: Writing ATAG Tests - Update

I updated the testing reference document with all the tests Jan & Tim wrote last week.  I encourage everyone to write tests, as this is a group effort and will go faster with everyone working on it.  We want to finish the tests before we enter Candidate Recommendation, which W3C now encourages all working groups to do, to speed progress to Recommendation.  The good news is that we have over 1/3 coverage of all the success criteria - I provided a list at the bottom of this email of what is done effective today.

I encourage you to look at the definitions and procedures document that Jan created and I adapted to keep as a reference. This will save you time in creating the tests, as you can simply refer to them.  They each have an anchor if you want to link directly to them.

Useful definitions and procedures:

The list of completed tests is at:

Please read the existing tests to get a feel for the language and style. 
  Send a message to the list when you pick out a success criterion you want to write.

Where we are:
Not Finished	40
Finished	26
Jan Richards	13
Tim Boland	5
Jeanne Spellman	8
Cherie Ekholm	0
Alex Li		0
Greg Pisocky	0
Sueann Nichols	0

A.1.1.1 Web-Based Accessible (WCAG):			Jan Richards
A.1.2.1 Accessibility Guidelines:			Jeanne Spellman
A.1.2.2 Platform Accessibility Services: 		Jeanne Spellman
A.2.1.1 Text Alternatives for Rendered Non-Text Content	Tim Boland
A.2.1.2 Alternatives for Rendered Time-Based Media: 	Jeanne Spellman
A.2.2.1 Editing-View Status Indicators:			Jeanne Spellman
A.2.2.2 Access to Rendered Text Properties:		Jeanne Spellman
A.3.1.1 Keyboard Access (Minimum)			Tim Boland
A.3.1.2 No Keyboard Traps	
A.3.1.3 Efficient Keyboard Access: 	
A.3.1.4 Keyboard Access (Enhanced)	
A.3.1.5 Customize Keyboard Access	
A.3.1.6 Present Keyboard Commands	
A.3.2.1 Auto-Save (Minimum)				Tim Boland
  A.3.2.2 Timing Adjustable				Jeanne Spellman
A.3.2.3 Static Input Components				Jeanne Spellman
A.3.2.4 Content Edits Saved (Extended)	
A.3.3.1 Static View Option				Jeanne Spellman
A.3.4.1 Navigate By Structure				Jan Richards
A.3.4.2 Navigate by Programmatic Relationship		Jan Richards
A.3.5.1 Text Search	
A.3.6.1 Independence of Display	
A.3.6.2 Save Settings	
A.3.6.3 Apply Platform Settings	
A.3.6.4 Multiple Sets	
A.3.7.1 Preview (Minimum)	
A.3.7.2 Preview (Enhanced)	
A.4.1.1 Content Changes Reversible (Minimum)		Tim Boland
A.4.1.2 Settings Change Confirmation			Tim Boland
A.4.1.3 Content Changes Reversible (Enhanced)	
A.4.2.1 Describe Accessibility Features	
A.4.2.2 Document All Features	
B.1.1.1 Content Auto-Generation After Authoring Sessions (WCAG)	Jan Richards
B.1.1.2 Content Auto-Generation During Authoring Sessions (WCAG)	
B.1.2.1 Restructuring and Recoding Transformations (WCAG)	
B.1.2.2 Copy-Paste Inside Authoring Tool (WCAG)	
B.1.2.3 Optimizations Preserve Accessibility	
B.1.2.4 Text Alternatives for Non-Text Content are Preserved	
B.2.1.1 Accessible Content Possible (WCAG)	
B.2.2.1 Accessible Option Prominence (WCAG)	
B.2.2.2 Setting Accessibility Properties (WCAG)	
B.2.3.1 Alternative Content is Editable (WCAG)	
B.2.3.2 Conditions on Automated Suggestions	
B.2.3.3 Let User Agents Repair	
B.2.3.4 Save for Reuse	
B.2.4.1 Accessible Template Options (WCAG)	
B.2.4.2 Identify Template Accessibility (Minimum)	
B.2.4.3 Author-Created Templates	
B.2.4.4 Identify Template Accessibility (Enhanced)	
B.2.5.1 Pre-Authored Content Selection Mechanism	
B.2.5.2 Pre-Authored Content Accessibility Status	
B.3.1.1 Checking Assistance (WCAG)	
B.3.1.2 Help Authors Decide	
B.3.1.3 Help Authors Locate	
B.3.1.4 Status Report	
B.3.1.5 Programmatic Association of Results	
B.3.2.1 Repair Assistance (WCAG)	
B.4.1.1 Features Active by Default			Jan Richards
B.4.1.2 Option to Reactivate Features			Jan Richards
B.4.1.3 Feature Availability Information		Jan Richards
B.4.1.4 Feature Deactivation Warning			Jan Richards
B.4.1.5 Feature Prominence				Jan Richards
B.4.2.1 Model Practice (WCAG)				Jan Richards
B.4.2.2 Feature Instructions				Jan Richards
B.4.2.3 Tutorial					Jan Richards
B.4.2.4 Instruction Index				Jan Richards
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