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ATAG2 testing work

From: Richards, Jan <jrichards@ocadu.ca>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 03:28:56 +0000
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Here's a start (sorry I didn't fill in the survey...I left my login info at the office)...

A.3.4.1 Navigate By Structure: If editing-views expose the markup elements in the web content being edited, then the markup elements (e.g., source code, content renderings) are selectable and navigation mechanisms are provided to move the selection focus between elements. (Level AA)
Implementing A.3.4.1

- if the tool is designed such that markup elements are never disclosed to the author, this SC is N/A
- where markup elements are disclosed to the user (e.g. document outline view, source view, etc.), if it is not possible to select a disclosed element without selecting any of the content that surrounds it, then FAIL.
- if the only way to move selection from one disclosed element to the other is by clearing the selection and manually selecting the start and end point of the new element in the source, then FAIL
- otherwise PASS

A.3.4.2 Navigate by Programmatic Relationships: If editing-views allow editing of programmatic relationships within web content, then mechanisms are provided that support navigation between the related content. (Level AAA)
Note: Depending on the web content technology and the nature of the authoring tool, relationships may include, but are not limited to, element nesting, headings, labeling, programmatic definitions, and ID relationships.

- if the tool is designed such that programmatic relationships (variable setting, function specification, etc.) are never disclosed to the author, this SC is N/A
- if a mechanism exists to search for and view any programmatic relationship (variable setting, function specification, etc.) then PASS


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