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Proposed AUWG response re: question about "restructuring transformations" and "recoding transformations"

From: Richards, Jan <jrichards@ocad.ca>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 20:27:28 +0000
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MS7: What are "restructuring transformations" and "recoding transformations"? We think the concept of "accessibility information" needs re-examination. We believe we are aiming at covering text alternative, audio description, captions, and content structure. If so, there should be a tighter definition of "accessibility information" and that there may be a better term to encompass these items. Moreover, I don't think these items are separated into A, AA, and AAA in WCAG 2.0.

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(1) The definition of content transformation could be tightened up:

content transformations
Processes that take content in one web content technology or non-web content technology (e.g., a word processing format) as input and produce content that has been optimized, restructured or recoded.
- Optimizing Content Transformations: Transformations in which the content technology is not changed and the structural features of the content technology that are employed also stay the same. Changes would not be expected to result in information loss (e.g., removing whitespace, replacing in-line styles with an external stylesheet); or
- Restructuring Content Transformations: Transformations in which the content technology stays the same, but the structural features of the technology used to markup the content are changed (e.g., linearizing tables, splitting a document into pages; 
- Recoding Content Transformations: Transformations in which the content technology used to encode the content is changed (e.g., HTML to XHTML, a word processing format to HTML).

(2) accessibility information (WCAG)
Any information that web content must contain in order to meet a WCAG 2.0 success criterion (Level A, AA or AAA). Examples include: programmatically associated alternative content (e.g., text alternatives for images), role and state information for widgets, relationships within complex tables).

As a first pass, I wonder if this should be defined as only programmatically determinable accessibility information. It would of course include WAI-ARIA.

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