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re: AUWG Action Item: ATAG 2.0 Conformance Proposal

From: Richards, Jan <jrichards@ocad.ca>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 17:07:17 -0400
To: "w3c-wai-au@w3.org" <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
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Hi all,

On Monday's call we decided to move the checking+repair requirements out to a Part C/3 on the basis of my proposal which in turn was based on a conversation we all had at the F2F.

But in trying to make the change, I realized that I don't think it's possible without introducing additional complexity. Here are the particular problems:
- Part C will need all of the same applicability notes as Part B, begging the question why it is separate.
- many of the Part B applicability notes mention checking as examples and therefore will need rewording
- "PRINCIPLE B.3: Accessibility solutions must be promoted and integrated" refers quite a bit to " accessible content support features" which include checking/repair in the definition: "Any features of an authoring tool that directly support authors in increasing the accessibility of the content being edited (i.e., features added to meet any of the success criteria in Principle B.2: Authors must be supported in the production of accessible content)."
- the recurring problem that Part A vs. B was such a nice easy to understand distinction.

So, I'm thinking we should revisit putting the checking and repair requirements in their own Principle ("B.X Authors must be supported in improving the accessibility of existing content") with Part B. Then the conformance section could have a special section on that principle and checking+repair tools would need to meet B.X and B.3)

AND while doing that I decided to take a look at Part B as a whole (See proposal below). The wording of many things have been tweaked and two SCs have been moved: B.2.5.1 B.3.1.1.

BTW: Seeing it this way (only principals, guidelines and SC handles) gives a really nice overview in my opinion.

Start of proposal:

PRINCIPLE (was: B.1): Fully automatic processes must produce accessible content.
 Guideline (was: B.1.3): Ensure automatically specified content is accessible.
  SC (was: B.1.3.1) Auto-Generate Accessible Content (WCAG)
  SC (was: B.2.5.1) Auto-Select Accessible Templates (WCAG)
 Guideline (was: B.1.2: Ensure accessibility information is preserved.
  SC (was: B.1.2.1) Transformations Preserve Accessibility Information (Minimum) (WCAG)
  SC (was: B.1.2.2) Transformations Preserve Accessibility Information (Enhanced)

PRINCIPLE (was: B.2): Authors must be supported in producing accessible content.
 Guideline (was: B.1.1): Ensure accessible content production is possible.
  SC (was: B.1.1.1) Accessible Content Production (WCAG)
 Guideline (was: B.2.1): Guide authors to produce accessible content
  SC (was: B.2.1.1) Technology Decision Support
  SC (was: B.3.1.1) Accessible Option Prominence (WCAG)
  SC (was: B.2.1.2) Set Accessible Properties (WCAG)
  SC (was: B.2.1.3) Other Technologies [ALSO THERE IS A PROPOSAL TO REM THIS SC]
 Guideline (was: B.2.4): Assist authors with managing alternative content for non-text content
  SC (was: B.2.4.1) Alternative Content is Editable (WCAG)
  SC (was: B.2.4.2) Conditions on Automated Suggestions
  SC (was: B.2.4.3) Let User Agents Repair
  SC (was: B.2.4.4) Suggest Previous Author Entries
 Guideline (was B.2.5): Assist authors with accessible templates
  SC (was: B.2.5.2) Accessible Template Options (WCAG)
  SC (was: B.2.5.4) Template Selection Mechanism
  SC (was: B.2.5.5) New Templates
  SC (was: B.2.5.7) Template Accessibility Status
 Guideline (NEW broken out from B.2.5): Assist authors with accessible pre-authored content
  SC (was: B.2.5.6) Pre-Authored Content Selection Mechanism
  SC (was: B.2.5.8) Pre-Authored Content Accessibility Status

PRINCIPLE (NEW) B.X: Authors must be supported in improving the accessibility of existing content
 Guideline (was B.2.2): Assist authors in checking for accessibility problems
  SC (was: B.2.2.1) Checking Assistance (WCAG)
  SC (was: B.2.2.2) Availability of Checking
  SC (was: B.2.2.3) Help Authors Decide
  SC (was: B.2.2.4) Help Authors Locate
  SC (was: B.2.2.6) Status Report
  SC (was: B.2.2.7) Metadata Production
 Guideline (was: B.2.3): Assist authors in repairing accessibility problems
  SC (was: B.2.3.1) Repair Assistance (WCAG)
PRINCIPLE (was: B.3): Authoring tools must promote and integrate their accessibility features
 Guideline (was: B.3.2): Ensure the availability of features that support the production of accessible content.
  SC (was: B.3.2.1) Features Active by Default
  SC (was: B.3.2.2) Option to Reactivate Features
  SC (was: B.3.2.3) Feature Deactivation Warning
  SC (was: B.3.2.4) Feature Prominence
 Guideline (was: B.3.3): Ensure that documentation promotes the production of accessible content
  SC (was: B.3.3.1) Feature Instructions
  SC (was: B.3.3.2) Tutorial
  SC (was: B.3.4.1) Model Accessible Practices (WCAG)
  (NEW SC PROPOSAL) Feature Instruction Index

End of proposal:


(Mr) Jan Richards, M.Sc.
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Faculty of Design | OCAD University
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