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Minutes fro AUWG Teleconference on 19 July 2010 4:00pm-5pm ET

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 16:54:24 -0400
Message-ID: <4C44BB80.6060808@utoronto.ca>
To: WAI-AUWG List <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
RRS Agent didn't make the minutes for some reason, so here they are:

Jan_>	Agenda: 

<Jan_>	Chair: Jutta Treviranus

<Jan_>	Regrets: Ann M.

<Jan>	Meeting: WAI AU

<Jan>	Scribe: Jan
	<Jan>	Topic: 1. Review push update (Reviews due by 2 September 2010)
	<Jan>	JT: JS how is it going?
	<Jan>	JT: How can we help?
	<Jan>	JS: Did send out a "push" letter on Fri Jul 9.
	<Jan>	JS: Sent to 90-100 names.
	<Jan>	JS: 108 actually
	<Jan>	JT: Representative enough?
	<Jan>	JS: I think it is still light on disability orgs
	<Jan>	JS: We could also do more vendors
	<Jan>	JS: Only 20names on dev list
	<Zakim>	+Tim_Boland
	<Jan>	JT: OK so we should add Desire2Learn, Sakai....
	<Jan>	JT: I will send more addresses
	<Jan>	JT: Disab consumer orgs?
	<Jan>	JT: RNIB?
	<Jan>	TB: NFB?
	<Jan>	JT: I will send a bunch of Canadian groups.
	<Jan>	JS: May have already sent that.
	<Jan>	TB: Will try to find cxontacts at NFB.
	<Jan>	GP: I have some contacts at NFB, AFB.
	<Zakim>	-Greg
	<Jan>	JT: WebAim? NCAM?
	<Zakim>	+Greg
	<gpisocky>	BTW Greg can contact NFB and AFB
	<Jan>	JT: United CP?
	<Jan>	JS: Also Deaf and HoH.
	<Jan>	JT: Homework for all: additional contacts.
	<Jan>	JT: What about WCAG's push list?
	<Jan>	JS: They did.
	<Jan>	JS: JB was going to send her own "push" letter.
	<Jan>	JT: I will send you some more vendors in the learning space
	<Jan>	Topic: 2. F2F planning (Sept 16-17)
	<Jan>	TB: Have not heard from my contact here.
	<Jan>	JT: It has been passed to someone else
	<Jan>	JT: I will send you the contact
	<Jan>	JT: Tentatively at NIST 16-17 Sept.
	<Jan>	TB: Logistics need to be worked out.
	<Jan>	JT: We heard that small rooms should not be too hard
	<Jan>	TB: OK please fwd the info to me
	<Jan>	Action JR: Come up with plan for confirming answers to 
implementation report

	<Zakim>	leaving. As of this point the attendees were +3aaaa, Greg, Jan, 
Jutta, Jeanne, Tim_Boland

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