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Regrets For Conference Call Today

From: Ronksley, Andrew <Andrew.Ronksley@rnib.org.uk>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 12:46:02 +0100
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Apologies but I won't be able to make the scheduled conference call today.

I've included some further feedback from Sally Cain below r.e. her concerns from the first time she looked at ATAG before the F2F. I told her that the version she looked at was "still in pieces" in a lot of places so some of her comments should be addressed as we rebuild.

I'll update issues in Tracker tomorrow.


Hi Andy,

I have only had chance for a quick whizz through and would like to look again further when more work has been done.

However, I am afraid to say that a lot of my comments from my last round of review still stand, along with the partial conformance one and there are a couple of other things that have popped up.

I am pleased that they will be referring to other standards although there is not much evidence of this yet. At least I would like to think that they could refer to the ARIA standard as it is particularly relevant when developing Authoring Tools using web technologies.

Pg 5 - "ATAG does not apply to a component that imports documents into a document share system" - so this is a CMS style product then. This is a concern as what does cover this area?

A1.1/ A 1.2 - I am happier with this area

A.3.1 - Would suggest wording change to "Provide (or enable) keyboard access" rather than "Enhance keyboard access" - It is either accessible using the keyboard or it isn't. Enhanced doesn't really make sense to me in this context.

The floating toolbar example has gone from here and I particularly liked the inclusion of this previously.

My comment about autofills is also not specifically addressed here either.

My comment about label location is not specifically addressed, however would this be covered by default by reference to WCAG 2.0?



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