AWUG Working Group

Conference Call

April 17, 2006


Jan Richards JR - Chair
Tim Boland TB
Barry Feigebaum BF
Greg Pisocky GP
Roberto Scanlon RS

Action Items indicated by an AI:

Agenda: 1. Comments on Guidelines draft

(a) Proposed B.1.1 and B.2.4 wording from:

-Original submissions:

-Reworked in Mar 20 meeting:

AI: JR and TB to define "human authored"

AI: JR and TB to examine what is meant by "perceivable view"

(b) batch from BAF: - A start on proposed responses by JR:

Deferred - discussion has begun with tentative revisions to occur.

(c) JR's submission on B.2.7 (plus B.2.8, B.3.2, B.3.4): -original -reworked

AI: JR to reword B.3.4 and its success criteria to match the pattern that was established.

AI: JR to post final wording of his revisions for commentary

(d) GP's submission on B.2.6:

After discussion, group determined B.2.6 priority is fine.

Leaving B.2.6 as Priority 3 met with no objections.

Grammar change is agreed to.

(e) Awaiting GP's submission on B.1.3:

Remove template and replace

AI: GP to provide e.g. explaining what is meant by "mechanisms"

(f) Awaiting JR's submission on A.2.2: ALSO: -EO has a batch that should be coming soon. -other members have been encouraged to collect input from within their organizations as well.

Changes to A.2.2 Passed

2. Technique development - JR and TB have put up an internal draft of the Techniques:

3. Publishing plans - heartbeat requirement means another publication is probably needed before the end of March - most likely the Techniques.

4. F2F - 12-14 June 2006, Toronto, Canada