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Re: review of A.2.8 - my action item

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 10:49:23 -0400
Message-ID: <4461FD73.7070803@utoronto.ca>
To: w3c-wai-au@w3.org

Thanks Tim,

Very comprehensive. My comments are in-line:

Tim Boland wrote:
> Following is a review of A.2.8 from the latest ATAG2.0 draft [1]:
> What is a "shared system"?  Is this a type of authoring tool?

JR: I've been thinking of it as a software running in an environment 
(e.g. family computer) that is likely to be used by more than one author 
such that one author changing the preference settings would affect 
another author.

> Should 
> "configuration settings" be defined (in the context of "authoring tool" 
> or "authoring tool interface")?   There is a definition for 

JR: I'd prefer to make it more clear in the SC since options, 
preferences etc. setting areas are common features.

> "configurability" in ATAG2.0 [1], so should the term be "configurability 
> settings", or "..when configurability is available".   What are some 

JR: Actually, the definition of "configurability" is problematic...it 
seems to include its own success criteria. I think maybe we should 
remove it (and instead flesh out the Rationale for checkpoint where it 
is used (renumbered B.3.4).

> examples of "personal settings files"?  What are the accessibility 
> benefits of having personal settings files or configurability ( may need 
> to be more specifically mentioned) in the context of A.2.8?


> SC1:
>  All configuration settings controllable by the author in the context of 
> the authoring tool,
> or other configuration settings controlled by the platform/OS?    What 
> does it mean to be "related to visual or auditory output"?  Do we mean 
> "configurability related to visual or aural presentation/rendering"?   
> Of the authoring tool interface?   Of the content produced/managed by 
> the authoring tool?  Which?  Do we have a definition of what "keyboard 
> operability" means?
> Also, I'm having trouble parsing "visual or auditory output and keyboard 
> operability"..
> Is the correct parsing "(visual output and keyboard operability) or 
> "(audio output and keyboard operability)"?

JR: Good points...besides SC1 is a bit too important to be a P2...what 
if we adding "saving" SC's to A.1.3(P1) where we talk bout visual and 
audio display...and A.2.1(P1) where we talk about keyboard operability?

A.1.3 SC3. Any visual or audio display settings must be saved between 
authoring sessions.

A.2.1 SC5: Any keyboard operability settings must be saved between 
authoring sessions.

> SC2:
> Reword to  "The authoring tool must allow the author to..   (what is 
> being tested is the authoring tool?)   

JR: Not sure about this...we use "The author must be able to " a lot. 
Changing it to "The authoring tool must allow the author to" might just 
be adding words?

> What is the "application" (needs definition?)?
 > Is this the same as "authoring tool" or "authoring tool

JR: I think the reference to the application is actually unnecessary.

> interface"?  What is a "configuration set" (needs definition - same as 
> "configuration setting" or "personal settings file"?   Exactly how are 
> these configuration sets associated with an authoring tool (or authoring 
> tool interface)?    What are some examples of
> things that are configurable in this context?   What happens if there is 
> only one such configuration set (or no sets)?

JR: Good points...how about we be more precise:

SC: The author must be able to save and reload multiple sets of 
preferences (e.g. personal profile, personal settings, etc.), where each 
set contains preference settings related to the following (if present):
- (a) keyboard operability,
- (b) visual display (if the visual display (fonts, sizes, colors, 
spacing, positioning, etc.) is controlled by the authoring tool rather 
than by the *platform*), and
- (c) audio display (if the audio display (volume, speech voices, etc.) 
is controlled by the authoring tool rather than by the *platform*)

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