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RE: Getting ready to publish public working draft of ATAG 2.0

From: Roberto Scano - IWA/HWG <rscano@iwa-italy.org>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 16:05:17 +0200
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In part 1, there is no more listed the checklist? Did we need to update the
old one or will be definitively removed?

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Subject: Getting ready to publish public working draft of ATAG 2.0

I have attached the ATAG 2.0 document that I have been preparing to 
publish as a public working draft. (hopefully for the end of the week if 
the Technology vs Content Type issue is worked out, see below)

There have been a few changes that probably that rise above the level of 
being editorial:

- the changes already stated in:

- the status section has been reworked to conform with pub rules.

- section "1.5 Relationship with other guidelines and standards" has 
been greatly shortened and now primarily points to the new WAI 
components doc.

- checkpoint A.1.? proposed in:
has been added as proposed text.

- the "Note for Web-Based tools" have been moved into the Success 
Criteria box as "For Web-Based Interface Components" because they are 

And as a bonus - I have updated the last call comment table to explain 
all of our responses to the issues raised at that time. (see attached)

If ANY of these changes is a concern, please send a message to the list.


We still need a decision on Technology vs. Content Type! The biggest pro 
for "technology" is that it is the term that WCAG uses.

At the moment all of the body text is "Content Type" but I won't changed 
the glossary entry until there is resolution.



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