At 09:25 AM 11/3/00 -0500, Jutta Treviranus wrote:
Could those of you who committed to gather comments please send them to the list

Jutta and all chairs: I've tried to fulfill my obligation to review the UAAG Final Call document from the point of view of each of the Working Groups and must beg forgiveness for my inability to do so.

The audience for the document is essentially a group of browser/AT developers of which I am not a part, nor currently conversant with. I'm just not qualified and my attempts to read the guidelines have failed. I'm in the position that Lisa Seeman expressed at the F2F: I can read the words but I just can't connect them meaningfully enough to assay what effect the Rec, if adopted, will have on all the other Working Groups' goals. I don't think the effects will be adverse, nor do I think it will have the kind of impact the other groups' deliverables will have, largely because it just isn't particularly *directly* applicable to individuals using the Web.

I believe that I'm the only person who is active on all (except UA) of WAI's public Working Groups, so I hope others will take up the slack I'm leaving and comment meaningfully on the document.