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Re: Further glossary edits

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 12:25:35 -0500
Message-ID: <1101144335.41a2210f8657d@webmail.utoronto.ca>
To: Jutta Treviranus <jutta.treviranus@utoronto.ca>
Cc: w3c-wai-au@w3.org

Comments in line...

> Here are some possible Glossary edits:
> >Transcript
> >Transcripts are equivalent alternatives <#def-Equiv-Alternatives>
> >for the sounds in an audio clip or an auditory track of a multimedia
> >presentation. A "collated text transcript" for a video combines 
> >(collates) caption text with text descriptions of video information
> >(descriptions of the actions, body language, graphics, and scene
> >changes of the visual track).
> Possible Edit: Do we want to talk exclusively of equivalent 
> alternatives for sounds. The second sentence also speaks of 
> descriptions of video information. Should the first sentence also 
> imply both?

JR: I think video is implied in "multimedia presentation" but I don't mind 
making it more explicit.

> >Transformation
> >A transformation is a process that takes, as input, an object of Web 
> >content <#def-Web-Content> in one format <#def-Format> and produces, 
> >as output, a different object of Web content in the same format 
> >(e.g., a function that transforms tables into lists).
> Possible Edit: Do we want to include only transformations into the 
> same format? Are all other transformations actually conversions?

JR: I'd like to keep it this way to avoid muddying the water between the two 

> >Typical Author
> >     A person who possesses levels of authoring knowledge, authoring 
> >tool proficiency, and experience with accessibility authoring 
> >practices <#def-Acc-Auth-Practice> that are average as compared to 
> >actual users of a particular authoring tool.
> Possible Edit: I propose changing the last phrase to :
> "that are average for users of a particular authoring tool."

JR: Agreed.

> We have no definition for:
> >WCAG Techniques Documents
> >     Web content (or just "content")
> >Web Content
> >     Web content (or just "content") ??? @@needs def@@
> WCAG Techniques Documents can probably be removed or simply include a link.
> How about a simple definition for Web Content:
> Web Content:
> Content published on the Web.

JR: Agreed for now. We can add a note that we would like to match the def'n 
that WCAG decides upon.

WCAG Techniques Documents:
A WCAG techniques documents is an informational document that lists the precise 
ways in which the requirements of WCAG might be interpretted for a particular 
format. The document follows the WCAG requirement numbering scheme for ease of 

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