ATAG 2.0 Tester (Author) Template (Form) 12-1 - for Success Criterion 1.2 Level A

DISCLAIMER: Data entered on this form is informative only. The submitter bears all responsibility for the accuracy of the data. The data entered on this form may be reviewed by the W3C AUWG?

Answers to all questions are required; if you feel a question is not applicable, just write "not applicable" and specify why. If you need additional ATAG information (including access to the ATAG2.0 spec and techniques) to complete this form, you may go to the ATAG site. If you need additional WAI testing resources, go to ? Please submit this form to "testreport site". For more information on ISO16071, go to ?. This information will be made public. This information will be made accessible. After submitting this form, you may proceed directly to the Tester Form for Success Criterion 1.3(doesn't work yet), or back to the main ATAG test page, or go back to the Tester Form for Success Criterion 1.1. It is possible that some results may be machine-reportable, in which case the developer should have noted this information on the developer's form (link?), and you could attach the machine-reportable results to this form. There are no dependencies on other tester forms for filling out this form. Thank you.

This form has several parts as follows: (a) Part 1 - General Information (general-not success-criterion specific), (b) Part 2 - Specific Test Questions for Success Criterion 1.2 (specific to success criterion), and (c) Part 3 - Summary Information for Success Criterion 1.2.

Part 1 - General Information

1. Name of Tester (Author):

2. Contact Info of Tester/Author(s):

3. Address of Tester/Author(s):

4. Email of Tester/Author(s):

5. Phone Number(s) of Tester/Author(s):

6. Fax# of Tester/Author(s):

7. Authoring Tool Tested (please be specific) - category of authoring tool, format output from authoring tool, and platform that authoring tool uses):

8. Have you accessed the developers form (if available) (link?) for this particular authoring tool and success criterion? If so, do you have any questions on any of that information? It is not necessary (but desirable) for the developer to have submitted a form for the tool you are testing.

Part 2 - Specific Test Questions for Success Criterion 1.2

Note: These questions refer back in a one-to-one relationship with information on each question provided by the tool developer on a separate template. You have access to the developer's information for each question. To order ISO16071, go to ?. For more information on ATAG2.0 spec go to ?.

TEST PURPOSE: To evaluate editing methods according to ISO16071

TEST REQUIREMENTS: Success Criterion 1.2 - At least one editing method must conform to ISO16071 level 1 for each element and object property editable by the tool (ISO16071 RELATIVE PRIORITY)

9. (perform specific authoring actions) What specific authoring actions did you initiate for this particular authoring tool?

specific questions to be filled in..

Part 3 - Summary Information for Success Criterion 1.2

34. Objectively, from your perspective, did this authoring tool interface "pass" ("yes" answers to all previous testing questions) ATAG2.0 Success Criterion 1.2 for Level A? If yes, why? If not, why not? (please be specific)

35. Please give any other information you feel may be helpful (please be specific):

36. Please comment on the quality of the questions asked and/or the specification/techniques (please be specific):

37. What other questions do you feel might be helpful (please be specific)?

38. Date of this evaluation:

Thank you very much! Your evaluation will be saved and made publicly available.