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RE: Microsoft patented keyboard-navigation?

From: Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler) <RogerCutler@chevrontexaco.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 12:01:48 -0500
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Webster's Third New International Dictionary provides the following
definition of "invention",

Specif, U.S. patent law: a device or process that is not only novel and
useful but that reflects creative genius, makes a distinct contribution
to and advances science, is recognized by masters of science as such and
advances and reveals more than the skill of expert artisans or mechanics
in discovering new and useful gadgets or processes of wide commercial

Is there some way that the W3C can influence the US Patent office to
stop doing this kind of thing?  Just as a wild speculation -- I have no
doubt that wiser heads can come up with something better -- could the
W3C bring suit, based on patents such as this that clearly violate any
reasonable understanding of the purpose of patents, claiming  that such
patents materially damage the interests of the organization and of
society at large?

In general, it seems to me that it would be more effective in the long
term to try to deal with the source of the problem rather than each
instance as it arises.

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Subject: Microsoft patented keyboard-navigation?


United States Patent 6,785,865
Cote ,   et al. August 31, 2004

Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks via tabs

A user may discover and navigate among hyperlinks through the use of a
keyboard. For example, a user may press a tab key to discover and
navigate to a first hyperlink that is part of a hypertext document. The
first hyperlink is, in response, given focus and a focus shape is drawn
around the text or graphics for the hot region of the hyperlink. If the
user again presses the tab key, the next hyperlink is given focus and a
focus shape (i.e., an outline that surrounds the next hyperlink) is
drawn around the next hyperlink. A user may also tab to a placeholder
for an image in order to make a decision whether the image should be
downloaded or not.

How this will involve the WAI (WCAG, ATAG and UAAG) base requirement
that says that all the functionality must be accessible by keyboard,
coherent navigation by keyboard, etc. etc.?

Can any Microsoft rep. inform about this?

P.S. I've put W3C AC Forum in cc.

Thanks a lot!
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