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Updated Issues

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:24:04 -0500
Message-ID: <1075213444.40167484b61c9@webmail.utoronto.ca>
To: w3c-wai-au@w3.org
Hello everyone,

An updated version of the ATAG Issues document is attached to this message.

Our immediate concern are the 8 Unresolved Guidelines issues:

1. Definitions needed for a number of terms.

2. Concept of "typical user" in success criteria may be unclear.

3. Concept of a "usability STUDY override" to normative requirements for 
conformance (success criteria) still undecided (connected with idea of typical 

4. Functional spec or usability-oriented guide? Is ATAG a document that 
specifies programmatic requirements, or one that directs the outcome (related 
to usability override)? 

5. Where will Definition of Authoring Tool example images "live" (in the 
guidelines or techniques) - currently they have been moved to the techniques?

6. Handling non-W3C formats - Rationale and success criteria of 2.2

7. There may be insufficient attention paid to Web-based authoring 

8. New editorial additions require group approval. 


Please send your proposals for addressing these issues to the list. The more 
issues we can resolve on the list, the less we need to resolve on the next 
call (2 Feb 2004).



Jan Richards, User Interface Design Specialist 
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC), University of Toronto 

  Email: jan.richards@utoronto.ca 
  Phone: 416-946-7060 
  Fax:   416-971-2896

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