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AUWG Minutes (Jan. 26, 2004)

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 17:05:34 -0500
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AUWG Minutes (Jan. 26, 2004)


JT: Jutta Treviranus
GP: Greg Pisocky
JR: Jan Richards
KM: Karen Mardahl
KH: Kip Harris
BF: Barry Feigenbaum


Matt May
Tim Boland
Roberto Scano
Geoff Deering


KH introduces BF.

KH will be with the group through F2F, but BF will replace KH after the


JT How are people doing on the work items?

GL1 =====================

KH: So the original reason fro changing techs for 1.1 is to simpligy

JT: Yes, there is an uneven quality of referenced documents. So we
wanted to go to a more universal approach. Began by looking at IBM SAG
and moved focus to the ISO.

Action Item: Change the "Success Criteria" wording in guidelines to
point to the ISO16071.

JR: Brings up question of how the ISO is referenced. The current wording
seems to be a filtering of the ISO.

JT: Maybe we should flip it around. Maybe make techniques into a
synopsis of ISO?

KM: Added "techniques" to glossary. (i.e. that they are informational

JT: Let's talk to Tim about doing a bit of interpretative text around
ISO instead of the comparative text we have now.

GL3 =====================

JR: Propose that we just publish GL to the TR.

KH: Good idea.


GL4 =====================

JR: Updated.

WIDE VIEW + GLOSSARY =====================

KM: Things are moving forward, KM taking issues MM.

REFERENCES =========================

GP Working on it in conjunction with KM.


Revised version going out soon.

F2F Update ==========================

KH - Hotel update - everyone needs to get in touch with Kip about the
hotel reservation.

KH - Have several room possibilities - conference room (ok) - IBM
executive centre (very nice) - business dress code - no sneakers, no
jeans, collar shirts. Connectivity the same in both. Will post to list.

JT: Everyone register soon! And talk to Kip about the Hotel.

KH: Will investigate restaurants

Issues ==========================

KM: Would like to take responsibility for #1, #3, #6.

JT: What do people think about having an extra meeting next week to
address the guideline?

ACTION JT: There will be an additional AUWG meeting next Monday (Feb 2)
to address outstanding issues before publishing to TR.

ACTION: JR to break out Issues into mailings to the list.


If anything was missed please mail the list.
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