Technique 3.1.2: Consider different ways to prompt and assist the author with various types of information required for accessibility

Subcategory 3.1.2(18) Style Sheets:

Scenario - At the beginning of the authoring session, the user selects in which form the assistance will arrive, as well as when (how often-determined by the tool?), as well as how much information to provide (short or long "length"). The user should also be given the option of not getting any assistance of this type at all? The user should have the option of changing previously-given settings at some point into the authoring session? Given this previous user-supplied information, the tool would present assistance according to the user's wishes. For example, the tool might "intelligently" determine when the result of a "current" authoring action may have style-sheet accessibility implications (according to the user's wishes mentioned previously), determine what particular style-sheet accessibility implications might be present (from the following list-NOT EXHAUSTIVE), and as a result of such determination present appropriate items from the following list (with the goal of developing a positive attitude towards accessibility in the user):

NOTE: Would the user have the ability to "ignore" these assistive messages and use the tool anyway? What effect would this ability have on future assistive message generation by the tool?