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Tim's first action item

From: Karen Mardahl <karen@mardahl.dk>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 20:07:00 +0200
To: "'List (WAI-AUWG)'" <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
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Hi Tim (and everyone else)

I am responding straight to the group because I think you have said it all.
The whole group can take a look at it.

My one comment is:

It is too apologetic to say 
"These techniques are merely informative."  or
"These techniques are only informative."
 - or is it OK without the merely or only? 

You have me worried with the QA comments. We are writing _guide_lines, not
making laws. I would like to think that people can take a bit of
responsibility themselves and not throw everything back in our faces just
because they run into a sticky situation!

And yes, all this considered, we would need to have it on all pages.

I think we might have some duplication of this comment in some places, but
we can iron that out later: e.g. we could perhaps, if and where appropriate,
make hyperlinks to this text.

regards, Karen Mardahl

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From: Tim Boland [mailto:frederick.boland@nist.gov] 

What do you think of text following for a start at my first action item?
Comments welcome,
or you are free to release to the group for discussion if you want.
Thanks and best wishes, Tim Boland NIST


To be added right after "copyright and licensing" designations for each 
Techniques document:

"NOTE: These techniques are informative.  There are no claims made, implicit
or explicit, that by following any of the techniques in this document any
conformance requirements of the ATAG2.0 WD will be satisfied.  Rather, these
techniques represent an illustrative sampling of approaches that might be
useful in considerig the subject of authoring tool accessibility."
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