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IRC - 20011203

From: Liddy Nevile <liddy@motile.net>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 12:44:24 -0500 (EST)
To: <w3c-wai-au@w3.org>
Message-ID: <B831F6B1.821E%liddy@SunriseResearch.com.au>
*** Topic for #wai: AU telecon: for phone: +1.617.761.6200 conf rm 2894
#wai: Liddy @chaals
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    chaals: hello
     Liddy: hello
    chaals: Getting connected to phone bridge now I hope
     Liddy: is it you and me? we could talk during the day!
    chaals: jutta and jan  on phone.
    chaals: jan coming to irc...
*** jt (shadowirc@juttalap.ic.utoronto.ca) has joined channel #wai
    chaals: Hi Jutta
    chaals: Heather joined on phone
        jt: Hi all
     Liddy: hello Jan
     Liddy: hello Jutta, Heather
    chaals: jt == jutta
    chaals: agenda as per mail + hawaii session
        jt: Charles: Should we take existing techniques document to TR as it
        jt: Jutta: How well integrated is the views database into the
    chaals: cmn the structure is in place, needs an XSLT
        jt: What is the shape of the techniques document without that?
        jt: Charles: need 20 hours to fix database.
            chaals lost hone connection
    chaals: hone=phone
        jt: Charles, will you be trying to dial in again?
    chaals: There are some @@ marks for things to work on that should be
removed before updating,
    chaals: only thing I have identified as needing to be fixed in latest 24
nov draft
    chaals: will try dialling but oz-us connection seems flaky :(
    chaals: who has looked at 24 november draft?
     Liddy: me - but not very helpful, sorry
    chaals: have you compared to http://www.w3.org/TR/ATAG10-TECHS
     Liddy: it looks OK to me - not helpful ...
     Liddy: no
     Liddy: Fhales - are you on phone?
    chaals: yep.
    chaals: will identify things to be fixed by thursday
        jt: We will all look at the Techniques document and send edits to
the list by Thursday and aim to publish it by Thursday.
    chaals: Katie joins phone.
    chaals: group ready for publishing thurs - takes a few days internal
    chaals: ===
    chaals: FAQ
    chaals: we have one we made for ATAG1 release.
    chaals: should update to cover what we have done - make it an FAQ for
the group in general
    chaals: recap of mail on topic - will update FAQ
    chaals: action: folks check FAQ and updates
    chaals: ===
    chaals: workplan
    chaals: jt: work on techniques
    chaals: agreement.
    chaals: === 
    chaals: motivating action item completion
    chaals: jt will be chasing them in agendas.
    chaals: === hawaii
    chaals: liddy?
    chaals: can you explain?
     Liddy: yes?
        jt: Liddy can you give us a run down on the Hawai meeting
     Liddy: I have a workshop listed - 2 parts
            chaals notes this isn't a wg meeting, but will have people from
wg there
     Liddy: morning is about tools, techniques and testing
     Liddy: afternoon about metadata
        jt: what date is this?
     Liddy: IMS - if Jutta and I are there
     Liddy: W3C
     Liddy: us
     Liddy: and Dublin Core re metadata
     Liddy: open meeting - and designed to bring active people together
        jt: what date is the meeting
     Liddy: it is first day of WWW conf - Tuesday I think 5/6 May?
     Liddy: IMS is meeting in Bpston then
   *chaals* can you copy the irc window and post it to list aat end of
     Liddy: I need to confirm cfp for workshop -
    chaals: any other issues?
    chaals: liddy, can you copy this irc window and send content to list
        jt: Liddy, we will be sending what we think are common issues to the
    chaals: (meeting adjourned - next meeting 17 nov.
     Liddy: good - thanks
     Liddy: yes - re window
        jt: Thanks and talk to you on the 17th
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