Jutta T.
Jan R.
Mathias MP.
Marjolein K.



Renumber checkpoints 4.X
7.6 Advance=>Advanced
7.2 Techniues=>7.3 Techniques


CP 7.4

All: agreed on this subtext.

CP 1.2

JR: has some stylistic suggestions

JT: wants last sentence to be reworked a bit.

CP 1.5

JT: asks whther this applies to both valid and invalid markup not recognized by the tool


CP 6.2

JT,CMN, JR: Needs more thought.

CP 4.4

CMN: Agrees with JR's changes.

JT: Action item for everyone is to keep reviewing the document for typos, edits, etc.

ATAG Advocacy

JT: We have a government purchaser contact who will be sending a letter to companies asking them to notify them when the authoring tool complies with ATAG.

Lotus Evaluation

CMN: There is progress on a draft.

F2F Agenda