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Re: WHat makes Icons accessible or not?

From: Anne Pemberton <apembert@erols.com>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 17:36:54 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>, w3c-wai-au@w3.org
Cc: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org
   The problem with the small icons is that on my screen, 600x800
resolution, the small ones are too small to tell what they are. I really
couldn't compare them well. On a higher resolution, they will turn into

	Yes, the larger  icons will move the line over, not much for a single
icon, but perhaps more on a line where all four icons are displayed. At
32x32 it won't occupy more than half the line yet, so I don't think visual
readability will be impacted, but I could be wrong.


At 10:01 AM 5/1/01 -0400, Jan Richards wrote:
>I should probaly say, up front, that I submitted the third set of icons.
>Now, before we get too deeply into this, we need to decide a few of
>1. How big will the icons be?  While 32 x 32 is nice, these larger icons
>will expand the line spacing and may end up doubling an already long
>document. Can 16x16 versions of the first two icons be produced to get a
>better comparison?
>2. How much detail? The flow chart is good in 32 x 32 but loses
>something in the 16x16 version.
>3. Which colours? If we decide on colours for each category that are
>easy to see and distinguish, then all the icons can use the same colours
>and we can eliminate that as a variable.
>I think we need icons that can be identified at a glance by their shape
>(as Katy says) and colour, without messing up the page layout. These are
>afterall, not the most important pieces of information on the page.
>Jan Richards
>Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC)
>University of Toronto
>Tel: (416) 946-7060  Fax: (416) 971-2896
Anne Pemberton

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