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ATAG2 - Guideline 7

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 17:08:10 -0400
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Hi everyone,

Here's another shot at the checkpoints for Guideline 7. I have changed
the wording for most of the checkpoints and their subtexts.

Guideline 7. Ensure that the authoring tool is accessible to authors
with disabilities.


7.1 Ensure that the user interface of the authoring tool follows all
applicable operating system and accessibility standards and conventions.
[Priority 1 for standards and conventions essential to accessibility;
Priority 2 for those important to accessibility; Priority 3 for those
beneficial to accessibility] 

The techniques for this checkpoint include references to
platform-specific checklists and guidelines and to general guidelines
for accessible applications. 


7.2 Ensure that the user interface of the authoring tool enables authors
to change the presentation of editing views without affecting the
document markup. [Priority 1] 

This checkpoint requires that the author be able to view the content
they are authoring in a way that differs from the presumed appearance of
the rendered content. At minimum, this means supporting the user's
system-wide display preferences and providing alternate textual
representations for non-text elements during editing. 


7.3 Ensure that the user interface of the authoring tool enables authors
to navigation via the document structure within editing views in an
accesible fashion. [Priority 1] 

At minimum, this means allowing the author to search or move focus
between elements of the same type using UI mechanisms that comply with
Checkpoint 7.1. More useful implementations, might allow greater
flexibility to traverse the document tree.


7.4 Ensure that the user interface of the authoring tool enables the
user to edit the document structure and all available properties of each
element of the document in an accessible fashion. [Priority 1]

At minimum, this means ensuring that there is at least one means, that
complies with Checkpoint 7.1, of editing or changing every property
(that is available to be changed and edited by the tool). More useful
implementations might ensure that all means for editing or changing
propeties be accessible.




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