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Long Descs for Techniques Images

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 14:52:38 -0400
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Next 3. 2 more to go.

Word2000 Spell Checker
Screenshot of the Microsoft Word2000 Spell Checker. The checker is
comprised of a multi-line edit box where the sentence with the error (in
this case "There are a few spellling missstakes") is placed, and a
multi-line list box where suggestions (in this case "spelling,
spellings, spilling") are placed to be selected by the user. Down the
right side of the dialog are the following buttons (Ignore, Ignored All,
Add, Change, Change All, and AutoCorrect. At the bottom of the dialog is
a Dictionary language chooser (drop-down menu), a help button, an
Options button, an Undo button, and a Cancel button. The first
misspelled word ("spellling") is highlighted in red.

Aprompt Alt-Text
Screenshot of the an A-Prompt repair screen for missing alternate text
for image. At the top is the title ("missing alternate text for image")
in heavy type. Following are guidelines: "Alternate (ALT) text should be
10 words or less and should include any text in the image. Certain kinds
of images require special ALT text: 1. Spaceholder images should have "
" as ALT text. 2. Images serving as buttons should have ALT text that
emphasizes the action performed by the button. 3. Images serving as
bullets should have "bullet" as ALT text. Below this is the repair area,
enclosed in a group box. The repair includes a viewer for the image (a
picture of the earth), a textbox for the image file name and a combo
(text and drop-down) box for entering the ALT text.  At the bottom, the
dialog is identified as step 8 of 28 (in a repair sequence) and four
buttons appear. These are back, next, skip, and help.

Aprompt Alert
Screenshot of a simple A-Prompt alert dialog.  The text reads: "You must
enter text to describe the image". An OK button appears below.
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