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Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines

From: Loretta Guarino Reid <lguarino@Adobe.COM>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 15:06:45 -0700
Message-Id: <199910042206.PAA19673@enterprise>
To: w3c-wai-au@w3.org
cc: lguarino@Adobe.COM
I appreciated reading the Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines; this 
document is very helpful in guiding us towards accessible tools.

I have a question about Guideline 4. It is important to assist authors in 
making accessibility a normal part of their document creation. In an authoring 
environment where users prefer to check for accessibility after a document is 
completed, would the guidelines be satisfied if the author requests checking 
when he or she is done? This has the advantage that accessibility checking 
isn't triggered every time a file is saved for back-up, but the disadvantage 
that the author might never request the check, or even be aware that the 
document needs checking.

Loretta Guarino Reid
Adobe Acrobat 
Voice: 408-536-2166
email: lguarino@adobe.com
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