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Today's meeting postponed so we can step back and reflect

From: Jutta Treviranus <jutta.treviranus@utoronto.ca>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:39:10 -0400
Message-Id: <v04011700b39e8626840b@[]>
To: w3c-wai-au@w3.org
A number of people cannot make it to today's meeting or can only make it
with great difficulty. Therefore, I would like to postpone the meeting
until next week. This will also give us an oppurtunity to step back and
look at the forest of our document and loosen our grasp on strongly held
convictions regarding the trees.

At a quick glance we seem to have two major tasks still ahead of us:
1. resolving the user interface access issue:
- is this something we can resolve in our group or is it a larger WAI issue
that affects other guideline groups such as UA and tools and should be
dealt with at a more general level?

For a new perspective, Jon Gunderson, chair of UA suggested the following:
"I suggest you look at the user agent guideline 11.  This outlines the
use of plateform specific accessibility APIs and the techniques document
provides information related resources.  I think that trying to develop
specific guidelines that work across all plateforms is beyond the resources
and the scope of the working group.  I think you also run the risk of
diluting the message of including features that make web content more

2. Techniques
We need to flesh these out, make them as complete as possible and write
enough techniques to support the guidelines. I feel the exercise of coming
up with techniques will also test and point out weaknesses or poor wording
of the checkpoints. Rather than quibbling about specifics in a vacuum
perhaps we should continue our editing and assessment of the main document
through the techniques.
How do people feel about assigning technique sections to smaller groups
during a one week interval and then  reviewing them as the whole group
during the next teleconference?

Have a good long weekend and when you are somewhat relaxed and have
attained some distance take a glance back at our effort and bring your
insights to next weeks meeting.

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