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Eric Hansen's 5/19/99 Revision To The 4/30/99 WATG Draft

From: eric hansen <ehansen@ets.org>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 14:40:14 -0400 (EDT)
To: w3c-wai-au@w3.org
Message-id: <vines.Bh0E+1KkErA@cips06.ets.org>
This supersedes my 5/7/99 revision entitled "Revision and Suggestions for 
the 4/30/99 Version of the Authoriž.." 

The new revision corrects a few errors (indicated below), adds an issue 
(I-064), correlates numbering with the 5/6/99 WATG draft, and makes a few 
other minor changes.

The revised document is available at:

In addition to the issues listed below (I-001, I-002, etc.), the revision 
contains additional edits.

I-001: Simplify the definitions of priorities. {EH:5/19/99: Number was 
absent in my 5/7/99 revision}
I-002: Show the separate definitions of the two sections. {EH:5/19/99: 
Number was absent in my 5/7/99 revision}
I-003: Split checkpoint 2.2.2 into three checkpoints.
I-004: Make clear what the "associated text files" are for.
I-005: Insert revised paragraph in intro and abstract. (Same as I-006)
I-006: Insert revised paragraph in intro and abstract. (Same as I-005)
I-007: Clarify or eliminate guideline 3.4. {EH: 5/19/99: Checkpoint 3.4.1 
becomes 3.2.3 in the 5/6/99 draft. Although the guideline was removed, the 
checkpoint still has problems.}
I-008: Abbreviate the section 1.1 on guidelines, checkpoints, and 
I-009: Address ambiguities regarding how techniques satisfy the 
I-010: Refer to conformance levels rather than priorities where appropriate 
(general comment)
I-011: Show the separate definitions of priorities for the two sections.
I-012: Describe assumptions for section 2. 
I-013: Specify assumptions for section 3.
I-014: Include assumption of average skill level for section 3.
I-015: Include assumption of use of powerful, intuitive interface for 
section 3.
I-016: Include assumption regarding content type for sections 2 and 3.
I-017: Include assumption regarding "contrast" for sections 2 and 3.
I-018: Include assumption regarding commercial availability of user agents 
for sections 2 and 3.
I-019: Include assumption regarding specific disability groups.
I-020: Name reference disability groups.
I-021: Provide supplementary meaning for Priority levels.
I-022: Comment regarding dependencies between priority levels.
I-023: Intro to list memo regarding words for priority definitions. (The 
memo is somewhat redundant with I have added 4/7/99.)
I-024: Delete old priority definitions. 
I-025: Comment regarding "Conformance to other specifications"
I-026: Delete "Conformance to other specifications" (**Critical)
I-027: Comment regarding priorities for checkpoints.
I-028: Add new note regarding necessity of conforming to both section 2 and 
section 3.
I-029: Note that not all authoring tool has all features.
I-030: Provide a link to the conformance claim for the document. (Provide 
the claim at the bottom.)
I-031: Reword bullet points on structure/content/presentation, text 
equivalents, structure and navigation.
I-032: Remove reference to "onerus".
I-033: Comment on Codes for sections, etc.
I-034: Fix problems regarding dashes and hyphens throughout the document.
I-035: Expand first occurrence of acronyms throughout the document.
I-036: Split checkpoint 2.2.3 into three checkpoints.
I-037: Provide techniques for new checkpoints that have been inserted.
I-038: Fix introduction for Guideline 2.3 (Ensure that no accessibility 
content is missing.) It is critical to use consistent definitions of terms. 
This should be done using the definitions of terms in the WCAG document 
(except to correct bugs or to deal with truly new concepts). (**Critical) 
[I have not undertaken a full rewrite of this section.]
I-039: Make clear that one element (e.g., a picture) may require a 
different text equivalent based on different purposes. 
I-040: Use "text equivalent" if text is meant (i.e., non-text equivalents 
are not included). If non-text equivalents are to be included, they should 
be mentioned. May this is related to meanings of terms such as "alternative 
I-041: Make clear the meaning and purpose of "null alternative content."
I-042: Make clear the importance of managing alternative content. (I need 
to search the list archive for information on this.)
I-043: Make clear the significance of "on the fly".
I-044: Make proper use of term "highlight". (Is it a visual term?)
I-045: Clarify the Technique on "null 'alt'". 
I-046: Question -- Do we really mean "never remove markup known to promote 
I-047: Question -- Does the "alert" include an opportunity for 
confirmation? Also, is the priority correct? I think that in several places 
in the document configurability could be one priority (e.g., Priority 2), 
but that the capability of scheduling it might warrant a different priority 
(e.g., Priority 3). See I-048 for an example. Should look at other 
occurrences of configurable schedule.
I-048: Split checkpoint involving "configurable schedule" into two 
I-049: Add references to discussion of different facets of ensuring that 
authoring tools are accessible.
I-050: Question about adding reference to accessibility standards 
I-051: Add three checkpoints to guideline 3.1.
I-052: Separate the issue of user modifiability into a new checkpoint 
I-053: These checkpoints are not yet clear (3.3.1 and 3.3.2). What is 
navigation from element to element? How does that differ from the more 
extensive navigational capability? {EH:5/19/99: Old (5/7/99): "How does 
that differ from the more extensive treatment?"}
I-054: Comment. I have not examined closely the Sample Implementations.
I-055: Change wording regarding "alerts".
I-056: Change wording regarding "interruptive alerts".
I-057: Use defined terms (**Critical)
I-058: Question -- Should concept of rendition be included?
I-059: Note -- I was trying to track different meanings of "content".
I-060: Note -- I was trying to track different meanings of "accessible".
I-061: Fix tenses and use complete sentences in glossary.
I-062: Clarify intent of 3.2.2 regarding display and editing.
I-063: Clarify intent and scope of 3.4.1 ("all elements of document").
I-064 {EH:5/19/99}: Comment -- Construction is not parallel. In the 5/7/99 
memo to the list, this was incorrected numbered I-054.
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