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Guideline 2.4 Checkpoints

From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn@idyllmtn.com>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 20:12:20 -0700
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To: w3c-wai-au@w3.org
I've tossed around a variety of wordings and considered whether some
of these should be checkpoints or techniques.

The main guideline is:

"Integrate accesibility solutions into the overall "look and feel""

Existing checkpoint is:

2.4.2 [Priority 2]
Integrate accessibility features into the overall "look and feel"
of the authoring tool.

Should this one go entirely, as it is just the same as the main
guideline?  Or should one or the other be rewritten?

Proposed checkpoints:

2.4.X [Priority 2]
      Highlight the most accessible solutions when presenting
      choices for the author.


      If there is more than one option for the author, and one
      option is more accessible than another, place the more
      accessible option first and make it the default.

2.4.X [Priority 1]
      Ensure that accessibility features can be easily accessed
      by the author in a natural, intuitive fashion.


      Include considerations for accessibility -- such as the
      ALT and LONGDESC attributes of the IMG element -- right below
      the SRC attribute in a dialogue box, not buried behind an
      "Advanced..." button.

      Allow efficient and fast access to accessibility-related
      settings with as few steps as possible needed to make any
      changes that will generate accessible content.

2.4.X [Priority 1]
      Make generation of accessible content a naturally integrated
      part of the authoring process.


      Do not set accessibility features off to the side as some
      optional "module"; rather, make them a part of the core
      operation of the authoring tool.

      The "factory settings" default configuration for the authoring
      tool should favor accessible solutions out of the box, for the
      benefit of newer users.


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